Imagine yourself in a zombie apocalypse in Japan.  Will you survive?

If you find yourself surrounded by zombies or if you're just visiting Japan for pleasure or business, here are some great reasons why a 7-Eleven store in Japan is a great place to survive.  

DISCLAIMER: No, I was not paid by 7-Eleven to write this post.  I just like Japanese 7-Eleven and this article will show how you can literally go through all your daily life events in a 7-Eleven store.



Need a good kick start to you morning with caffeine?  Or are you more of a tea person?  Whether you're a rice junkie or caffeine addict, you have a variety of breakfast food and drink to pick from.  They have pancakes, cereals, donuts, java, and juices to start your day and give you the energy to kick zombie butt.


PC: www.sej.com.jp

Let's be honest, how long can you really go without accessing something online on your phone or computer?  How will you message your family that you are still alive and have not been bitten by zombies?  7-Eleven has free Wi-Fi hot spots in their stores.  Just look for the sign, click, connect and breath.  It's very convenient to check emails, look up directions to your next destination, or find out which of your friends have also survived the zombie apocalypse.

3. Visa/Matercard ATMs

PC: https://piece-of-japan.com/directory/wifi/7-eleven-7spot.html

Sure you might not have a need for cash in a zombie apocalyps, but if you're just visiting, 7-Eleven is probably the only place where you can withdraw cash (yen) from an ATM using any international bank card with a Visa or Mastercard logo on it.  Once you've planned out your day, you're going to need some cash.  Even though Japan is probably the most technologically advance country in the world, not all establishments here take credit/debit cards.  These ATMs are not just for dispensing bills, but you can use it pay bills, buy airline or venue tickets and more.  It's like an ATM on steroids. Besides, during a zombie apocalypse, you will eventually run out of toilet paper... think about it.  



Japan 7-Eleven has things keep everyone entertained, from dvd/br movies, children's comic books, mangas, fashion and the inevitable... ehem....  adult magazines.  So if you ever find yourself bored of all the touristy spots, you can get your entertainment here as well.  These magazines might be your only friend left if all your friends have turned into zombies.



If you're not from Japan, 7-eleven is probably not the first thing in mind to get quality food from.  Here in Japan, you can actually get a really great tasting meal for less than Y500.  One of the best things I've eaten here in Japan are actually from 7-Eleven.  They have different "bento" boxes such as chicken katsu, curry rice, tempura, gyoza, hamburg steaks, karage, grilled salmon, rice bowls, ready to eat rice packs, etc.  The list is endless.  The store would even heat them up for you if you want.  Of all the convenient stores that I've eaten from here in Japan, 7-eleven for me  has the best "bento" around.  You can go through a whole week and not eat the same food here.  No place to sit and eat?  Don't worry, check out #6 on this list.

If you fancy for some ramen or noodles, they have an entire isle full of instant ramen.  These are not just your typical cup-o-noodle type ramen.  Some are called "premium" that they have vegetables and meat that you just have to add hot water from the front counter.  If you want ramen but not the instant type, the have the pre-cooked stuff too with all the fixins.  Just nuke it and go.  You're gonna need all that energy to run from these walkers eventually.

Of course no zombie apocalypse meal is complete without ice cream.  If you're having a sweet tooth or it's too hot out during the summer, you can find cold deserts from ice cream, ice pops, slushies and parfaits.  It  just makes all the worries of a zombie apocalypse melt away.



After eating all that food and ice cream, if the zombies outside doesn't call you, mamma nature surely will.  7-Eleven in Japan has one of the cleanest toilets in the world.  Cleaner than most hotels out there.  And these are not just your ordinary toilets, these are high tech toilets with automatic bidets and a robottic arm that wipes your butt... okay there's no robotic arm, but it has a music feature that plays a sound of running water to keep you calm and in peace while doing your business.  They have sinks and clean running water.  7-Elevens are everywhere so if mamma nature calls, you have a guaranteed clean and comfortable toilet to go to.  So how is this helpful during a zombie apocalypse? uugghhhh... water?


If have have a last minute or end of the world date and you don't have a shirt and tie for the occasion, 7-Eleven has them too from shirts, socks, underwear, stockings, ties, etc, you will never have to go out naked ever again.



If your worried about your smell or personal grooming, you can find it all here too from razors, to shampoo, lotions, detergents, even house tools and a little bit of electronics.  Where can you shower you say?  Go back to #6. Where can you wash clothes you say? Go back to #6.  Use your imagination.



If you must do your homework from school or scan and print something for work, they also have copy and printer machines.  You can bring in any media devise and will cost you Y10 for a black and white printing and more for colored.  Photos can be printed as well.  The store also sells notebooks, papers, pens, envelopes etc.  So no excuse why you couldn't do your homework while on vacation... or should I say during a zombie apocalypse.



Ready for a night cap?  How about some wine with your dinner?  Pre-gaming for a fun night out?  Need to sanitize that zombie bite?  They got you covered.  7-Eleven sells all sorts of alcohol depending on your alcohol binging requirement.  They have beer, liquor, wine and even sake in a cute juice box.  And let's not forget about CHU-HIs.  Whatever your flavor is, they have it here.  Please drink responsibly.

IN SUMMARY:  There you go folks, my top 10 reasons why 7-Eleven can  be your safe haven to lock yourself in during a zombie apocalypse or for grabbing something you need on your way out to explore Japan. 

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Miko Ting