Run With Goku At The Dragon Ball Run

With The Dragon Ball Z series being extremely popular with domestic and international fans.
Of course fans wanna become as strong as Goku , well becoming a Super Saiyan is impossible but now fans of Dragon Ball can sign up and attend a fun run.
So SportsOne, Toei animation and Tokyo Gets has set up a Dragon Ball  Run now you can train and run as much as you can (much like Goku running on the snake way to get to King Kai).
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This is the first ever Dragon Ball themed run ever , there will be 2 run events, first run will be held on September 10, 2017 at the Makuhari Seaside Park in Tokyo and the second event will be held on September 23, 2017 at the Rinku Beach in Nagoya (in relation, Nagoya is Akira Toriyama’s home city).

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SportsOne sorts out a lot of different themed fun runs eg. like Bubble run , this time its a Dragon Ball theme so fan can enjoy a themed fun day along with Goku.
Tokyo Gets is a marking and promotion that organizes events for entertainment brands.

If you want to participate you can sign up online ( (only in Japanese)or on SPORTSONE app.
There is a fee of 6,800 yen  for adults, and 3,800 yen for children.

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One of the best things is that each person that signed up gets their own Dragon Ball t-shirt , that is exactly like Goku's dogi (the orange dogi Goku wears in the series).

Other than running, attending fans will get a chance to take AR photos with your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters, search for dragon balls for a chance to win yourself some limited Dragon Ball prizes.

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Dragon Ball Z voice actors and singers (that sings Dragon Ball Z songs) will attend this event as well

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Get ready to wear you Dogi and Run With Goku

Julia Lai