Cheapest Ticket In KOBE! Must GO!

As you can easily realise that Japanese always mentions Kobe as Port of Kobe, it can be an ark work like the cover photo you should know Kobe is an important port in Japan.
However, in order to see or even feel the exceptional surroundings of Kobe, visiting Kobe Yourself!
So, let’s briefly see why Kobe is an important port before you get over there!

Although you can only see a small monument at the moment and many places are not open to public such as the Kobe shipyard and merchant seaport, you still can check out one place to know all of these!

More importantly! You should buy the ticket together with Kobe Port Tower!!
It is the cheapest ticket you can get in Japan for a museum and tower together!!
Also, this ticket is selling both at the museum and tower that you can decide which one to be visited first. 
But you have to manage your time to finish both visits in 1 day!
Also, please note that not all the exhibitions are allowed for photograph. If you are not sure, you can ask the staffs of the museum.
Before I pass all the maritime exhibitions, I did not realise there was a Kawasaki Good Times World as well as a small aeroplane exhibition inside the museum.
The exhibition told you things simply. I had no idea about Kawasaki’s engine, but I still could learn something from it.
I spent around 90 minutes in the museum while the official expectation from the museum was 40 minutes only.
I was attracted by tons of ship figures! You must go to have a look as well!!
After museum, I moved forward Kobe Port Tower which was opposite the museum.
It was the cheapest ticket for a tower I had visited in Japan. However, the observatory provided great view!

2018 would be the 150th Anniversary of the opening of Port of Kobe which was actually the first port in Japan for trading with western countries. (You can learn this in the museum!)

Moreover!! There are more special events for celebrating 150th Anniversary!
You can have a look in the following website: 
Please participate and enjoy!!!!