Tokyo guide (4): Shinjuku

In the last article, we took a look at Shibuya.
But now let's concentrate on Shinjuku which is in my opinion a great place for getting this "Tokyo feeling"!
Welcome to Shinjuku!
Only a few metro stations away from Shibuya, there is the second "typical Tokyo" district Shinjuku.
At the station I realize that I have never seen so many people in one train station!
And that was on a sunday.
On busy weekdays there can be up to 3 Million passengers in this station per day.
That makes Shinjuku station the most crowded station in the world.

But ok, I got out of it somehow.
I went directly to the main street of Shinjuku which is so well known from movies and other media.
I was suprised that the street was blocked for cars, so people could walk there.
That was great, as there was much more space to move around!

P1030315.JPG 8.69 MB

Like I already mentioned, Shinjuku makes you feel like: "now I am in Tokyo!"
All the shops and restaurants with the signs outside with japanese Kanji on them, is just how you imagine Tokyo.
P1030323.JPG 8.07 MB

Both sides of Shinjuku station are so different!
It is like there is a new world in each direction.
If you walk out of the station in direction of the main street, you will get to Kabukichó.
That's the district of amusement and kind of a red light district.
You will find many entertaining places there like the Robot Cafe or game centers but also places that I don't really want to meantion here.
Just take a look at this picture:

P1030331.JPG 8.53 MB

Ok enough of Kabukichó, let's get to the other side of the station!
There is kind of the business and company center of Tokyo.
You can see high buildings made out of glass and huge office areas.
P1030337.JPG 6.58 MB
P1030338.JPG 6.49 MB

The building on the photo (with the two towers) is the cityhall of Tokyo by the way.
This is one of my special tips!
If you walk in there, you will find out that you can go up to the observation deck at 202m for free!
And the view is definately amazing:
P1030344.JPG 8.03 MB

And if you don't care about spending 1000 Yen then you can enter a cafe which has seats directly beside the window.
So you can enjoy a cake and drink with a breath taking view for 1000 yen.
All in all I would say that Shinjuku was a much better place than Shibuya.
There is just a lot to discover and to do.
No matter if you prefer the Kabukichó or the business buildings, everyone can find their favorite spot in Shinjuku.
Check out my other Tokyo guide articles to find out more information about this amazing city.
See you!

Rob W