Tuxedo Sam Cafe

Sanrio's Blue Iconic Penguin Tuxedo Sam is doing a limited time collaboration cafe at THE GUEST(cafe&diner ), in Shibuya's ShinQ.
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The Cafe will be decorated with this cute blue penguin , as you can see there will be a lot of blue.
There will be a 7 Tuxedo Sam Themed item Menu, savory and sweet.

Menu Consist of :

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Tuxedo Sam Curry ¥1.274

White curry with a big blue shaped Tuxedo rice, decorated with bow and a side salad with a sort of blue sauce.

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Tuxedo Sam Burger ¥1,490

Hamburger, not sure if Tuxedo Sam is an egg or patty, soup and a cone with mash.

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Tuxedo Sam's Elegant Sandwich ¥1,382

Tuxedo Sam may not be in the food this time (expect for the mini flag) but this is a savory and sweet dish,
perfect for a meal and dessert at the same time, accompany with a nice cup of tea.

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Tuxedo Sam Marine Parfait ¥1,166

Cute,refreshing and very blue parfait, topped with a scoop of Tuxedo Sam and surrounded with clear blue jelly, great for this summer.

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Tuxedo Sam's British Pancake ¥1,274

Decorated as Tuxedo Sam, holding a lemon , sided with various fruits. A really simple and cute pancake.

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Pukapuka floating rings of tuxedo sam ¥1,058

It looks super refreshing , just by looking at it,with Tuxedo Sam floating on to of the blue soda.
Perfect for those hot summer days in Tokyo.

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Tuxedo Sam's Hot or Cold Latte

No cafe is complete until they have a cute latte art drink, Super cute Tuxedo Sam print on the latte, both hot and cold,
has different images , also comes with a cute printed cookie.

Not enough Blue or Tuxedo Sam!?
Well Obviously not right? , not to worry , like most collaboration or themed cafes , of course there will be a corner to buy limited collaboration goods , to satisfy your cute needs.

Goods list:
Ball Point Pen
Coaster Key Holder
Gashapon (4 designs) key-chain
IC Card Holder
Tote Bag
Leather Miller
and more...
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(渋谷ヒカリエ ShinQs  B1)

2017/7/14 - (last date n/a)
OPEN 10:00 / CLOSE 21:00 

Julia Lai