Suburban Sundays: Hiroo Foodie Edition

Hiroo is a suburb of Tokyo that is basically sandwiched between Roppongi and Shibuya - but actually has a pretty relaxed vibe. As well as being a more relaxed spot than its party loving neighbors, Hiroo is a spot where a lot of expats live, and so there are a lot of Western style eateries if you're craving something from back home. I've opted to do a foodie Suburban Sunday for Hiroo, and I hope that if you're headed to Tokyo and near this part of town that you'll have a chance to enjoy some of them! (Also - the spots I am covering can all be reached within a couple of minutes walk from each other).

Get a seafood roll at Luke's Lobster

Maybe you're visiting Japan and everyone has told you about how delicious the sushi is here - but you prefer your seafood cooked. No judgement! There are actually six Luke's Lobster locations in Japan now, the Hiroo spot being one of them. As well as lobster, shrimp or crab rolls, they also have offerings like clam chowder, fish and chips, and fried lobster on their menu.

Indulge your inner carnivore at Nice to Meat You

Granted, this isn't the place to dine at if you're a vegetarian - but if you're craving all things carnivorous this is your stop. One thing I love here is that they sell meat pies - as an Australian that wins me over right away!


Grab a burger at Homeworks

This spot in Hiroo sells tasty burgers in a quiet neighborhood location. Their avocado burger is excellent - and they also have several vegetarian options, if you're not a meat eater. You can even get a wine or a beer with your meal if you'd like. 


Or maybe just some fries at And the Friet

I'm convinced this place has the best fries in Tokyo. They have a range of different types, from your regular french fry to purple sweet potato fries, curly fries or tater tots (and more!) as well as multiple different types of dip to go alongside them. You're not stuck with plain old ketchup here - there are choices like black truffle mayonnaise, sweet chili and sour cream, and a three cheese sauce amongst others. And yes - if you do want ketchup they do have it, and it's freshly made!


Prefer sweets? Get an ice cream at Melting in the Mouth

The ice creams here at Melting in the Mouth look almost fake in how perfect they are. As well as ice cream, you can also grab coffee, doughnuts and hot dogs here if the mood strikes you.


As I mentioned, these spots are all located a stone's throw from one another - so if you're in the Hiroo area you might be able to check out a few of them!

Happy Eating, and Enjoy Tokyo!

Cover Photo PC: Flickr User alexkane

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