Wear A Fashionable Yukata This Summer

Summer the time for wearing Yukatas, whether your going to a fireworks event/or any summer events , going around a  temple and if you simply just want to wear a Yukata to take lovely photos with.
Yukatas is a light cloth ,traditional garment, even now in japan , people are still wearing it on special occasions.
Of course you want on yourself after traveling to Japan, to memorize your time spend there.
although there's a lot of places to buy a traditional Yukata, sometimes the traditional patterns/styles just don't satisfy, no a day you wanna be fashionable right?
If you do , i recommend the best places to buy fashionable yet still traditional yukatas, best option is to buy from Japanese fashion Brands,
they are stylish , some may be more cheaper than the really traditional ones or roughly the same , also each year different fashion brands release new designs so you can be sure to keep being fashionable at those fireworks event etc.

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Photo via (twitter.com)
This years Yukatas from the cute/dream and girly fashion brand Secret Honey.
Perfect for fans of Disney and especially of their popular film FROZEN, these two designs a based on Elsa and Anna,
because your never too old for Disney~

Store: SECRET HONEY, Shibuya109
Price ¥ 21,384

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Photo via (fashionwalker.com)
The cool girl/fashionista/street fashion brand, Jouetie.
This year they release 3 designs ,Flower pattern (shown in photo), Crane pattern and bold purple with flower embroidery on back.
Fashionista wanting yukatas definitely have a look at this Brand.

Store: Jouetie, Laforet Harajuku , Shinjuku Lumine Est, Parco Nagoya, Hep Five and SOLARIA PLAZA
Price: ¥8,748   

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The IT girl/feminine Style fashion brand Merry Jenny.
They release 2 designs this year, Dove couple pattern(in photo) and the flower box pattern.
If you want a feminine style Yukata must try this brand.

Store: Merry Jenny, Shinjuku Lumine EST

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The affordable everyday trendy fashion brand INGNI.
Released 6 style yukatas this year, cherry blossom pattern(in photo), Tsubaki pattern, Sunflower pattern, Flower and Ball pattern, Goldfish and Peony pattern.
Their Yukatas look traditional but the obi has a trendy point, that is the obi ribbon has two different colours.
A cute and affordable yukatas, must have a look at INGNI stores.

Store: INGNI, Shibuya109, Laforet Harajuku and Ikebukuro Parco.
Price:¥ 7,776
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Photo via (gocart.jp)

The Trendy Street (most popular)Fashion Brand WEGO.
They release 3 designs which are all really complementary patterns, Hawaii style (in photo) , watermelon pattern and the dot with flower.
Trendsetter must get your Yukatas here.

Store: WEGO, Shibuya109, Harajuku various wego stores, Ikebukuro P etc.
Price: ¥ 9.709


Julia Lai