It's a hold up - 3 of Tokyo's most photogenic handheld treats

If you're like me, you enjoy finding new foods and cute places to grab a bite to eat or drink when you're traveling. I'm also all about things that are presented adorably - attention to detail always wins me over! Tokyo has attention to detail by the bucketload - here are three cute spots to grab yourself a tasty treat which will see you grabbing your camera with your spare hand.

On the Way Coffee & Cupcakes

Coffee and cupcakes would have to be two of my favorite things on the face of the planet - so a place that serves both is automatically somewhere I want to visit. On the Way have a bit of a cult following - they're based in the trendy Tokyo suburb of Shimokitazawa which seems to give them extra street cred too. They serve up these adorable mini cupcakes in a mug, but they're propped up in there by coffee beans. Super cute - and a photogenic score of 10/10. On the Way are located at 〒155-0031 Tokyo, Setagaya, 北沢2-16-2.


Eddy's Ice Cream

This super retro-feeling store is picture taking perfection. Pink walls, quirky decor, and ice creams that look like little works of art. With additions like bows, lips, flamingoes and glasses all on decorated cones, they're definitely eye catching! Be warned though, these aren't the cheapest ice creams on the planet - the most extensively decorated kind is called the "Kiss Me" and it will set you back 1400 yen! If you're using Google Maps, you can find Eddy's at 〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区 神宮前4-26-28 1F.


Monarch of London

Monarch of London is located on the B2 level of the Shibuya Hikarie Mall - and right now they have a selection of limited time Unicorn sweets. This rainbow slice of delight is called their Unicorn Yogurt Smoothie. The other unicorn inspired goodies on their repertoire right now include a unicorn cupcake and a unicorn macaron ice cream sandwich - both of them look adorable (and I'm sure are super tasty, too!) Monarch of London have a website that you can visit here for more details about the items they offer.


These treats are just the tip of the iceberg with some of the photogenic eats you'll find in Tokyo (and across Japan), so go ahead and indulge a little - and don't forget to snap away!

Enjoy Tokyo - and some cute eats, too!

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