So much to do at Nagoya Port

After a few weeks in the northern part of Japan, my companions and I made our way south to Nagoya.
The temperature change was a bit of a shock but also a welcomed break from the cold and windy regions of Hokkaido and Tohoku, and for the first time I saw palm trees in Japan.
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The port is located in the south of Nagoya in Ise Bay and is one of the country's largest and busiest ports due to manufacturer such as Toyota exporting their cars to other countries. The port opened in the early 1900's and has become one of the city's main attractions.
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Nagoya port has become famous for it's leisure district which includes an aquarium, an amusement park, a garden, two museums, an observatory, and a shopping mall all in one neat place!
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The port itself is opened to the public free of charge, it's main plaza often has a stage set up where shows are occasionally performed. Most people come by for a stroll, to shop, or to grab a bite.

The Fuji Research Ship / Floating Antarctic Museum.

The Floating Antarctic Museum is inside The Fuji research ship itself. Any fans of history, science and engineering are sure to appreciate the detailed information about the boat and how expeditions to the south pole were conducted. I honestly was happy with just getting to go on board.
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Along with the retired Fuji Icebreaker, several other ships populate the port.
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The Nagoya Maritime Museum

This museum exhibits the ships of Nagoya throughout a rich history of maritime commerce, along with various simulators you can try to play.
A viewpoint is located at the top of the tower where clear views of the park and ocean can be enjoyed.
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The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

The Aquarium is comprised of a few sections and was definitely the highlight of our séjour, our first stop was the stadium.
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We entered just in time for a show, the large main pool served as a stage where the dolphins entertain with tricks as instructed by their trainers. The dolphins display of dexterity and intelligence was impressive, I had a great time watching them and couldn't help smiling the entirety of the performance.
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The aquarium is over 25 years old, it's tanks holds 24,600t of water and carries around 500 different spiecies.
The dolphin show left me in a great mood, as a huge fan of the ocean and biology I had a blast looking at all the fish.
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Aside from the stadium and the severeal different animal exhibitions the aquarium holds a restaurent, a cafeteria, a gift shop, an IMAX Theater,  the Shiokaze outdoor plaza, and the Chelonian Research Institute, a research and breeding facility, first of its kind in Japan to be built as part of a public aquarium.
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Nagoya Port Sea Train Land

There are a total of 16 attractions in the park like the Zombie Panic haunted house, Gururi Mori Daiboken card maze, merry-go-rounds, various arcade and game sites and of course the Big Ferris Wheel.
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The wheel is the biggest in all of the Chubu region, it even has it's own mascot, but it's known for it's colored pods and it's rainbow lights turned on at night, which attracts many young coupples and has become a popular dating spot.
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I really enjoyed myself that day, getting a needed breath of sea air did me wonders after so much time spent on the Shinkansen, there is a great view of the ocean and different bridges from the port.
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If you're in the area, like the sea and everything that comes with it, I recommend you spend a day here, it's good fun and there's enough variety that it's got something for everyone.

Marion Gabrielle