5 Days in Tokyo For Under $100

Tokyo is an expensive city and for those of us who like to save a buck or two it can really have us thinking twice about visiting. Just walking around Tokyo can be an experience in and of itself (it’s free too!), but visiting specific areas while walking enables you to always have something new to see and you get to thoroughly explore the city. This five day itinerary in Tokyo is for those who like to discover Tokyo on foot and visit some off the beaten path things while being light on the budget. This itinerary can also be found on my page via my trips page. 

Day 1 

Day one starts off at Ushigome Bridge for a bit of history, this bridge was once part of Edo-Jo Castle and it’s quite impressive to see and touch something this old in person.  A 6 minute walk from Ushigome Bridge will take you to Kagurazaka. Take your time as you travel through the shopping street and neighborhood; it’s a good time to soak in Japanese culture. A 15 minutes walk from Kagurazaka you have Kamome Books which is a great place to just relax and enjoy some time off your feet. A quick train ride will take you to Shinjuku Golden Gai. Take your time here as well, this is the heart of Shinjku and it’s quite a lot to take in! A 12 minute walk will then take you to Mosaic Street in the Odakyu department store, look up and enjoy the sights! Maybe even go shopping in the department store. Only 6 minutes away and you’ll find Kabukicho, the entertainment district and in there the final destination which is Samurai Museum! The entry fee to samurai museum is 1800 yen and is the only thing (minus transportation and food) that will cost you money.
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Day 2

Starting in Ikebukuro, the first stop is a walk along Sunshine 60 Dori. Not far off you will find Otome Road where you can leisurely browse all the shops.  Not far from there is Sunshine city, which you could honestly spend all day in here exploring and shopping. A few things you may want to do while there is stop at the Sunshine 60 Observatory, it costs 1800 yen to go but the view is quite nice. A few stores worth mentioning in Sunshine City are the Disney Store especially if your budget doesn’t allow for a Disney trip, as well as the Pokémon Center! After that a quick train ride to Sugamo for a walk along the streets and while  it is said to cater to the elderly, I can assure you there is plenty to see!

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Day 3

Day 3 is a busy day but as soon as you step foot into Asakusa you’ll want to spend all of your time just wandering around. You’ll want to visit Asakuda Jinja Shrine as well as Senso’ji Temple and Kaminarimon gate since they’re all in a cluster. The fun though is all the shopping streets around them that really make it an amazing go to place for tourists. Nakamise shopping street is right in the center of It all and branches off into a lot of other shopping streets for you to explore including Dendoin-dori street, another go to area. After that you’ll want to ehad to Kappabashi Street for some impressive cooking ware and o course to check out some of the shops that make the infamous Wax food samples. Head specifically to Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya since it’s a showroom for the food samples. While this day doesn’t have any activities that will cost you, the food you’ll be eating and the shopping you might be doing may just break your budget if you’re not careful.

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Day 4

Starting in Akihabara, Ameyoko Plaza has lots of little stores to browse through and right next to it is Ueno Park. You should definitely square away some time so you can walk around the park.  Not far way is Akihabara Electric Town Gate which houses lots of goodies for those technologically inclined. After that head to Tokyo Station, the atmosphere is great and the building is definitely unique. A shop that is definitely worth a stop is Ito-ya, especially if you love stationary. Since you’re already in Ginza, give the shopping malls Matsuya Ginza a look, it’s a high end department store but it’s and so bound to have lots of hidden treasures within.
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Day 5

And the final day is mostly dedicated to Shibuya because f how impressive it is! Definitely feel free to just roam the streets because there’s no way you’ll get bored. Naturally you’re first stop should be Hachiko gate and then take the famous Shibuya Crossing. You’ll never have seen so many people in one place! Shibuya 109 is definitely a must stop for some shopping as well as the Don Quijote not too far away. Further away from the hustle and bustle of Shibuya’s center is Cat Street with many little boutiques. Oriental Bazaar is a really neat place with some unique souvenirs located in Omotesando.

This five day itinerary will cost you less than $100! If you love exploring you’ll definitely get your fill of walking! 

Tanya Charron