Tokyo guide (5): Skytree

The Skytree is located in Tokyo, Japan.
It is the tallest tower in the world with 634m height.
For many tourists, it is one of the spots to visit in Tokyo.
Here are my thoughts and some tips about the Skytree:
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After coming out of the metro station (which is directly underneath the tower) I realize one thing right away:
This thing is huge!
When you look at it from the bottom, it just seems like it's reaching the sky.
While looking for the entrance I felt full of excitement.
But then I saw a huge line of people waiting to buy a ticket. And my excitement was gone...
The good thing is: I reserved my ticket on the internet a few days before going there.
So I just had to print the tickets out which took 5 minutes and I entered right away.
If you visit the Skytree, definately buy the tickets online!
You can choose out of 2 kinds of tickets.
The first one goes to the Tempo deck which is the normal platform at 350m.
From this deck you can already enjoy an amazing view! But if you want the full program with an even better view, there is the Tempo galleria ticket.
It goes up to 450m! And trust me, you will never forget that view.
The normal ticket costs 1000 Yen (10 €,$) and the tempo galleria ticket 3000 Yen (30 €,$).
It also depends on when you want to visit the Skytree.
In the morning the prices are usually lower than in the evening.
At first the worlds fastest elevator brings you up to 350m in only 50 seconds with a highspeed of 600 meter per minute.
The elevator was unexpectedly smooth and I didn't feel the speed at all.
After arriving at 350m, this view is waiting for you:

P1030386.JPG 6.62 MB

But then at 450m, the view is even better and you feel like the city is just made out of little toys:

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It was a really amazing experience to visit the Skytree.
If you have never been on such a high building and if you are not afraid of heights, you should try it!
Also both decks are perfectly designed for making photos and videos.
There are big windows all around the deck and you can move completely around the tower.
So you can get see in every direction you want.
That was my article about the Skytree.
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See you!

Rob W