Power Up like A Saiyan with the Dragon Ball X Lipovitan-D

Power up like Goku and friends from the Dragon Ball Z series , by drinking the drink Lipovitan-D.
Lipovitan-D is a energy drink popular and trusted in Japan, design remove any physical and mental fatigue.
Can also be effective use for times of lack of  appetite , when your tired after a day of work and illness.

Available on August 1st at convenient stores  Lawson, FamilyMart, Circle K Sunkus, NewDays, Seico Mart, and via the Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct Online Shop

Which is a perfect collaboration with Dragon Ball Z characters, like in the series when Goku loses stamina to fight his enemies and needs to eat
a senzu bean, to recover stamina and energy, almost the same like the Lipovitan-D
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Made with Taurine (1000mg) as main ingredient as well as 20 mg of nicotinic acid extract (vitamin B3), 5 mg each of vitamin B1, B2 and B6, and 50 mg of caffeine.

Lipovitan-D Drink featuring Characters include
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The lovable and super strong saiyan and everyone's favorite  main character Son Goku
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Goku's rival and prince of all  Vegeta
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Vegeta's son and time traveler Trunks
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The Beautiful Android and Goku's best friend Krillin's Wife  18
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The evilest of the evilest of all villains and the never dying villain from the series Frieza 

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The bottle is design with different characters also included popular quotes said by each of them, like Goku saying his  Waku Waku which means
"I’m getting excited".

Price: ¥146 (one 100ml bottle)
¥1,500 (ten 100ml bottles) – pre-tax price
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But that's not all, any thing to pay attention to is the back of the bottle, where you'll find Goku doing his iconic move Kamehameha!,
follow his Kamehameha to find the qr-code, which you can scan to enter the Lipovitan Point Charge Station.
where you can earn points to get a chance to win prizes for the Lipovitan GO!GO! Campaign.
So you better scan all those Dragon Ball Collaboration drinks and  accumulate your points.
Only 55,000 lucky people, will have the chance to win.

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But that doesn't stop there , another separate  promotion Lipovitan-D X Dragon Ball, there will be selected Drug Stores and Super Markets , that will be selling original Dragon Ball merchandise.

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Producer: Taisho Seiyaku
Dosage: one bottle per day
Recommended age: over 15 years of age

Be on a look at out for the Dragon Ball Design Lipovitan-D bottles.

Julia Lai