Discover Enoshima Island

Only a short train ride west of Kamakura, Enoshima is an island just off coast but connected by bridge with the mainland. The island offers a variety of attractions, including a shrine, park, observation tower and caves.
Mount Fuji on a clear sunny weather

From the mainland, you can reach the island under 20 minutes by the bridge connecting them. Watch out for the mount fuji from your right hand, you might see it on a clear day!

Bridge connecting the mainland and the Island

When you reach the island watch out for those big crows they tend to poop everywhere, literally EVERYWHERE!! LOL!
There were small stalls in the entrance of the island selling souvenirs, toys, and their famous SHIRASU. Shirasu ice cream, shirashu donburi, shirasu buns you name it, they have it.
Bronze Torii Gate

Benzaiten Nakamise-dori

Enoshima-jinja shrine

There are three shrines scattered around the island. There is an admission fee of 150 yen to see the Benten Statue, the patron of Enoshima.
One of the three shrines in the island
Another shrine I found in the island

Walking in this island is truly tiring, but once you see the beautiful spots you'll forget that you've been walking for hours
Split rock formation
Leading to a garden
Adjacent to the Iwaya Caves entrance

When you reach the end of the island (which is the Iwaya cave) and not decided to enter the cave, you have to go back from where you walk from the start. Trek those steep stairs, obstacles, and etc. but don't worry there were vending machines along the way and small stores to dine and rest a bit.

Boat dock and on the opposite is the mainland and the beaches

Heading down the island you'll pass by this beautiful area and see that there were still people living in this island.
View from the Enoshima-jinja shrine torii gate

TIP: Get an ENOPASS if you plan to visit all of the attractions that the island has to offer. You can only get it for 1000 yen for all the admission fees!
Also, if you plan to have a 1 day kamakura-enoshima tour get a KAMAKURA-ENOSHIMA PASS for only 700 yen! With UNLIMITED train rides, you can use the Shonan Monorail, Enoshima Electric Railway and the JR Line between Fujisawa and Ofuna Stations.

Jenica ann Viray