The weirdest bar snacks ever?

Japan is often seen as a place that truly embraces the weird and wacky. From establishments like the Robot Restaurant to quirky maid cafes, there's something that will surprise you at just about every turn. When it comes to bars, Japan has its fair share of unusual ones there too - but what about when it comes to bar snacks? Most bars I've been to around the world are pretty uninspired in that regard - you might have some peanuts or something on the counter (that no one really ever touches anyway, because eww - communal peanuts?!) but that's really the extent of it.

Like a lot of things, Japan goes ahead and kicks it up a notch with a chain of bars that have some of the most unusual bar snacks ever - they're all canned foods. The chain of bars is called (quite aptly!) Mr. Kanso.


The whole concept behind Mr. Kanso is for it to be a place where you can have a drink and good conversation with friends, while enjoying some of the interesting canned foods on offer. It's a bit of a trip around the world at their bars, because they have canned goods from all over the globe here - not just ones from Japan! You would probably be amazed too at just how many foods can come in canned form - there are soups, curries, hot dogs, SPAM, nuts, olives, and many many more options. Pick out your snacks and drinks, and away you go!


The stores have a color coded system to let you know how much the canned goods will set you back - some things are relatively cheap and others are a bit more expensive. If you're trying to travel on a budget, it's probably better to look out for the red-coded snacks which are only 200 yen.

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Since Mr. Kanso is a chain of bars, you can find them in a number of spots across Japan - it's quite likely that you'll bump into one over the course of your travels. If you're interested in checking out one of their locations, you can find a list of them on their website here. It is in Japanese but Google Translate can assist. One more word of advice - if you're out on a date, maybe avoid some of the stinkier canned goods (sardines and mackerel, I'm looking at you...)

Happy Travels, and Enjoy Japan!

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