Girls ,Love yourself this Summer with these Zoff x RINA TANAKA Glasses

Its Summer in Tokyo and it's about time to get some stylish new glasses to coordinate with your daily outfits.
Japan Glasses store Zoff are selling these trendy new Glasses from the Popular Japanese Model Rina Tanaka collection.
Which comes in 3 designs , Anne , Kate and Lucy.
These glasses aren't just trendy but meaningful, they're design to tell girls to treasure and embrace themselves,
to enjoy fashion, to feel good in these glasses and to enjoy your own beauty while wearing the glasses.   

The designs of the glasses  represents the images of 3 different types of girls, "Anne" the cute and energetic image  ,"Kate" the cool and stylish image, and "Lucy"the mature and feminine.
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Anne, Kate and Lucy Glasses
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Rina Tanaka "Anne"

The image of a healthy cute girl, a cute frame with circle shape frames,  fresh colours for the  frame giving these glasses a cute girl look, a cute and easy to coordinate with any summer outfit.
7 colours : B-4 White, C-3 Brown,C-1 Brown,B-2C Grey, B-2B Grey, B-2A Grey, B-1 Black.
Number: ZA71G11
Price: ¥ 5,000

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Rina Tanaka "Kate"

The image of a fashionable and cool girl, a delicate metal Frame , using colours that are blends well with your skin, a definite item to be fashionable and cool this summer. 
4 colours: C-1 Brown, D-1 Green, G-4 Grey and G-2 Caramel.
Number: ZP72G07
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Rina Tanaka "Lucy"

The image of a Adult-like and Feminine girl, 100% UV  cut, Clear colour lens, frames are more natural to bring out the feminine side, perfect to give you a small face effect.
2 colours: C-1 and C-2
Number: ZO71G04
Price: ¥ 7,500
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Also whats different is the cloths that are included with the glasses, each design has a different style pattern on it
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Anne Glasses comes with a pink heart and stripes pattern cloth, a really cute design.
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Kate Glasses comes with a red lips pattern cloth, a really bold and fashionable design.
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Lucy glasses comes with a combination of grey mono tones tile pattern with pink, showing a strong and feminine look.

23 Zoff Stores in Tokyo 

Can't miss your opportunity to get fashionable Sunglasses this year, get it before its sold out or  before summer ends ~

Julia Lai