Instagram Worthy Sweets in Tokyo

A World where we say "Camera Eats first" , and when you go to Tokyo, a place full of cute and cool things,
 especially when there's a lot of cute looking desserts in Tokyo  , that are certainly Instagram worthy
, its time to bling up your Instagram.
Definitely you will get those likes and makes any one jealous of your cute dessert Instagram photos.
Sweets that looks yum and cute that's a win win , so you better go find these places and get your camera/ cellphones ready!!!!!!!!! 
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Sweets Twist

Already a really cute cafe , when you enter , its full with pink, girly and cute interior.
Really Cute Background to take your photos,
and a perfect place to have a girls day here~ 

But its not just the interior that is cute......
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Its a cute bear!, the bear is what makes your boring ice cream into a master piece of cuteness,
this kitsch bear illustration on the cup  definitely gives a whole new cuteness to the dessert, making it a "have to take" perfect photo.

A KUMA-TASIC photo~  go buy your gelato to go take photos now!

Price: ¥430 and add Topping ¥50
* Definitely add toppings for a extra cuteness for your Instagram photo and also for your stomach :) 

Address: 3 Chome-26-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 13:00-19:00
Closed: Wednesdays
Phone Number: 03-6873-6230
Official Website :

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Dumbo Doughnuts and Coffee

Dumbo specializes in Doughnuts and coffee in a New York City style.

DUMBO's doughnuts are handmade with a secret dough, they are crispy on the outside, really soft and fluffy  inside.
Doughnuts that are huge enough to eat with both hands.
Doughnuts are usually quite sweet but this one is quite light in sweetness making it refined ,perfect and great for adult taste.
10 different doughnuts to choose from and they're freshly make with a New York style glaze.

Dumbo's coffee, They have a special ordered espresso machine, coffee beans imported by ARABICA Kyoto,
perfect for strong flavour coffee lovers.

But of course taking photo of the coffee and doughnut on a plate is too average , the secret is to.....

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Put your doughnut onto of your coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!
May sound silly but it makes a simple drink and doughnut photogenic.

For summer you got to order their iced coffee with straw for extra effect for those insta photos

Price: from ¥660 ~
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Even without the doughnut on top of coffee combo ,  their doughnuts look really photogenic by themselves too.

DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee
Address: 2 Chome-17-6 Azabu-Jūban, Minato, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 9:00-19:00
Closed: open 7 days
Phone Number: 03-6435-0176
Official Website:

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Latte art in a ccc....cone , yep because drinking from a cup its too boring.
A trendy new way to drink your teas, coffees and  cappuccinos, decorated with chocolate and colorful sprinkles etc.
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Not only a great thing to post on your Instagram, the smiley face surely brings joys to its customers.
If you need to know i advise you to drink everything before eat the cone
Price ¥500

Address: 3 Chome-20-15 Kōenji-minami, Suginami, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 11:00-20:00
Closed: N/A
Phone Number: 050-1137-5662
Official Website:

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Q-pot Cafe 

One of my favorite cafes in Tokyo, special collaboration menu with sailor moon and seasonal menus,
this is a must go-to.
Not only is the menu always cute but their jewelry line is super sweet and cute as well
Although you can only enter if you made a reservation.

Decor is like a dream sweet house , with hang cups in Religieuse Room, Whip Cream Room, Biscuit Room, Whip Strawberry corner 
Melt Room, Chocolate Room Tooth Room and secret room 

Menu may be different during different time but check their website (English) to read before you decide to go.
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Their art like menu, definitely makes your Instagram post beautiful. 
Other than the food the plates are really cute and lovely, making it picture perfect~

Q-POT Cafe
Address:Japan, 〒107-0061 Tokyo, Minato, Aoyama3-10-2
Opening Hours: 11.30-19.30
Closed: open 7 days
Phone Number: 3-6427-2626
Official Website:

Julia Lai