Evita Beauty Whip Soap

The Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap is probably the most prettiest Japanese beauty product I have ever seen. It is a foaming cleanser that dispenses in the shape of a rose. The foam itself smells just like a rose and has a nice soft texture. It is designed in such a creative way and has gone viral from many videos.
The rose foam being dispensed when you push down on the levers gently

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult for some people to buy the soap if they do not live in Japan or a neighboring country. Some websites do sell the beauty whip soap but at a very ripped-off price. So I've compiled a list of a few ways to get your hands on the amazing Evita Beauty Whip Soap Rose Facial Cleanser.

1) Airfrov
Airfrov is a website where you can ask a traveller who is going to Japan to buy you one. Once you have settled the price with them, you have to send your deposit to Airfrov. They will secure it for you and the traveller will mail the soap to you.

2)  @evitasoap on Instagram/Facebook
@evitasoap is just one of the very few accounts on Instagram and Facebook that can mail you an Evita Beauty Whip Soap. Based in Hong kong, they have an easier access to the soap because of how close Japan is. Therefore, Hong Kong imports it from Japan. @evitasoap has a limited number of stock and they can mail you the soap provided that you send them the money first.

3) Amazon and Ebay 
You can choose whichever of the two you like. As I mentioned in the second paragraph, some people do sell the Evita Beauty Whip Soap for different prices. The prices depend on who you buy it from but keep in mind that they may or may not provide free shipping.