5 Women's Fashion Trends in Japan Worth Adopting

My husband Mike wrote an article a little while back about 5 Men's fashion trends in Japan worth adopting. Whilst in part it was an ode to 3/4 shorts (which he loves), it raised a lot of good points about how Japan in general is pretty ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. It made me think about some of the women's fashions I see, that are a bit different to what I'd see back home - so without further ado, here's my take on five women's fashion trends here in Japan that are worth adopting - and that you might want to embrace when you're on vacation here!

Comfy, wide leg pants

Japan summers are hot and humid - as you probably know if you've been here before (or possibly here in Japan right now). As a result, you want clothing items that don't cling or stick to you. Wide leg pants like this have been popular for a while, and manage to look both fashionable and comfortable.

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Sneakers with dresses

How many times have you worn a dress with ridiculously high heels, only to feel as if your feet were on fire half way through the day or night? Never fear - sneakers and dresses aren't just a thing here, the people I've seen wearing them seem to make them look completely adorable and fashionable. Can we take a moment to appreciate just how cute that strawberry dress is with the sparkly bunny sneakers?

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The traditional merged with the modern

This might be my favorite of the Japanese fashion trends that I have seen. Blending the traditional and the modern to me really gives a fresh take on things, and a new appreciation for the many aspects of Japanese fashion culture. Adding a modern set of boots or a cute beret and pigtails really brings new meaning to blending the old and the new!
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Ruffles and Lace

Maybe not always to this extent - but a lot of clothes here for women have beautiful lace and ruffles adorning them, to give it that feminine touch. I think they look really pretty!
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The confidence to just own it - whatever your own personal style is!

One of the biggest things I've noticed as a trend here is that people have so much confidence in their own personal style. Whether it's rocking a wardrobe full of neutrals, or going all out with bright colors, unique accessories and different makeup styles, people here aren't afraid to just be themselves - and more power to them!

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You might encounter some of these fashions during your journeys in Japan - and whether you personally embrace them or just admire them from afar, it's always fun to get a glimpse of some street fashions here.

Enjoy Japan, and safe travels!

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