'DOKI DOKI Otona no Ennichi' Festival For Grown-Ups

ShinQ Mall is doing a event called DOKI DOKI Otona no Ennichi.
This event would be like a Japanese festival ,  the shopping area will be transforming into a festival stall theme.
This is a limited time event for us adults to have some fun,  its time to  eat some cute and photogenic food, feel like you're at a mini traditional
Japanese festival , buy some limited merchandise and spend summer in a mall, that's like a festival.
Best of all you can relax and have fun inside, rather than walking around in the scorching heat.

 Arigami Iguchi and Kei Kobayashi of Otome Journal are the designers for this festival.
Also Otome designed some Mikuji Uchiwa (Traditional Japanese Fan) that will be given out every day , but better be quick if you want
one of those awesome  fans because they're limited to 1000 people only.
You can find them being given out on the 2nd floor.
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Very cute and contemporary Mikuji Uchiwa.
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Photogenic Festival themed  food~
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Cute festival themed cookies Yes! Please~
Cookie Store 'Berry Deco' is selling themed icing cookies ,you can buy a Goldfish, Shaved Ice, Japanese wind chime and the Japanese
balloon (you see in festivals) icing sugar cookies.
Already their normal cookies, that they sell are super cute, but the festival ones is perfect for that summer food photo~
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My favorite one is the Shaved Iced cookie, it's too cute to eat~

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BLOCK natural ice cream Pop Up
Beat the summer heat with ice blocks in cute animal cups.
Yum and perfect for taking cool photos :)
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How cute is this Bagel Lollipop, it really brightens up your summer doesn't it?
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Something more festival like, 
Koji , which is fried Tofu with shizo and miso sauce.
Even the cup looks cool and look very festival like.
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Goldfish packaging for fruit jelly.

There's so many great food, i haven't even mention yet , so you must go to ShinQ and check it out yourself.
The Event will run from now until 16 August, so don't miss your chance to enjoy a special kind of indoor festival! 

DOKI DOKI Otona no Ennichi (Doki Doki 大人の縁日)
Festival period:13th July - 16th August
Location: Shibuya Hikarie ShinQ
basement 3F - 5F
2-21-1 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-8510, Japan

Julia Lai