The beauty and majestic view of Korakuen Garden

The beauty and majestic view of Korakuen Garden

Okayama Korakuen 

National Designation : Okayama Korakuen Country Designation : Special Scenic Spot
Location : Okayama City Kita Ward Korakuen 1-5
Parking : Paid Parking: 250 YEN Admission : Adult · 350 yen, Child · 140 Yen
Opening Hours : April - September · 7: 00 ~ 18: 00 , October - March · 8: 00 - 17: 00
Holidays : Open all year

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Okayama Korakuen in Okayama City is a daimyo garden that is counted as one of Japan's three major gardens.  It was Okayama lord owner Ikeda Tsunishi who rebuilt the finances of the Okayama clan who built the garden. Originally it was not a garden that was widely released but the lords were built as a space for entertaining visitors and as a space for themselves to relax. The magnificent garden which used the surrounding mountains and Okayama Castle as the landscape may be meaningful as a symbol of the clan government getting on track. 


According to the local here, the construction started in 1687, and it was 1700 years that it was completed. However, it is considered that there is no word "completed" in Korakuen exactly. 

Japan Three Garden: 

Although it is Korakuen known as one of Japan's three major gardens, it seems that the three garden of Japan was spontaneously called, not the one designated by some organization. 
The three major OOs in the world are usually replaced by famous ones in the area for each of the 1 to 2 of them, but the three major gardens in Japan are compared to the Setsuki flower, the snow is Kenrokuen , It is said that flower is Kairakuen , and Korakuen is moon, these three will never replace another. 
Korakuen has also put emphasis on nighttime events such as fantasy gardens, and you can enjoy a nice night sky and moon. 

Speaking of autumn's tradition, it is autumn leaves hunting.
It enters from the main gate of Korakuen and welcomes us, and it is a trees tree of Momige who was a splendid branch. I am impressed with the bustle of red, I feel the age-old style.
This time limited "Autumn leaves tunnel" is also a breathtaking beauty. The scenery points of such autumn leaves are in various places in the garden.
Among them is the forest "Senju (Choshio)" in the back of the garden.

"Thousand" means "dye a few times". Under the maple and maple colored bright red, the scenery in the park where moss green contrasts. Unfortunately it was still before the "best time to see" when shooting. The end of November is recommended (the view of the autumn leaves of the whole Korakuen is from the middle of November to the beginning of December).

Photos of Okayama Korakuen: