Hokkaido Guide for Beginners - 北海道之旅


Hokkaido is located in the northernmost part of Japan and is the second largest island in addition to Honshu Island. Hokkaido's area accounts for one-fifth of all Japan, and the population density is very low, the total population of the road is only half of Tokyo, the only large metropolitan area to Sapporo as the center. And most of Japan's bustling exquisite and rich style of the wind, Hokkaido's history is very short, little monuments, sightseeing to the natural landscape and pastoral scenery, both small fresh and European and American style. In addition to the open field of vision and leisurely countryside scenery, Hokkaido's food, hot springs and ski resort reputation, the Japanese culture is not interested in the crowd can also enjoy yourself here.
Generally, Hokkaido is divided into four parts: Dao Nan, Dao Xin (Dao Zhong), Dao Dong and Daoko. Among them, Daozhong focuses on the more populated cities and the most representative tourist attractions. Dao Nan is the gateway between Hokkaido and Honshu, Dao Dong has a primitive barren nature reserve, North Road is Japan's extreme north of the land. Whether it is a deep tour of Hokkaido, or inland island city in series, Hokkaido is an indispensable trip to Japan.
Major cities and tourist attractions 
Road South: Hakodate, Matsumae 
Hokkaido: Sapporo, Otaru, Furano, Biei, Muroran, Noboribetsu, Lake Toya, Shikotsu Lake, Asahikawa 
East: Kushiro, Shiretoko, Abashiri, Akan 
Daoguang: Wakkanai

Best travel time

Hokkaido's most popular tourist season for the summer and winter, when the Japanese tourists and international tourists will also go to Hokkaido, hotel prices, transport is often hard to find a ticket, if the popular season travel, please stagger the Japanese public holidays (New Year's Day and the Blue pot section gold week).
Hokkaido spring (April - May) is short, the temperature is generally low, before and after the May holiday cherry blossoms, is Japan's last cherry ground.
Summer (June-August) is the season of Hokkaido lavender in full bloom. Furano is the world famous lavender origin, every year from early July to late August, the hillside and the plains become purple flowers, known as "Oriental Provence". As well as the ups and downs of the Biei, a piece of brilliant flowers, attracting many tourists at home and abroad to Japan, with the camera to record this beautiful moment.
Hokkaido's autumn (9-11 months) came earlier, during the 11 holiday period will be able to watch the mountains of the leaves, relatively few tourists, very suitable for looking for quiet tourists.
Winter (12 - February) is the season of Hokkaido snow, suburbs ski resort one after another to start business, you can also take a regular sightseeing car, from the car overlooking the snow in Hokkaido, you can also enjoy Hokkaido white Christmas The Sapporo Ice and Snow Festival held in early February is the biggest activity in Hokkaido winter, when the amount of snow is also thick, snow is very beautiful, but also a good time hot springs.

Dressing guide

Hokkaido area dressing and northeast China is similar to the winter travel. You need to prepare the cold coat or down jacket which are suitable for walking in the snow in the waterproof shoes. Spring and autumn seasonal changes in temperature. Make sure to prepare a thick coat to avoid cooling. Summer cool clothes and sun Supplies are essential.


Japanese language is official language for Japanese As Hokkaido tourism developed, basic English communication is a no problem. Whether it is the station, shopping malls, or restaurants, there will generally  English service personnel here to converse with tourists from the west. Many Chinese staffs can be found here. Therefore, those who can speak mandarin will be having an advantage. A few words of Japanese polite language, you can make you faster as the Romans do. 
Common language: 
ko san niちwa (kon ni qi wa) hello 

sa yo-u na ra (sa yo na ra) Goodbye 
thou ri ga taい(a ri ga tuo) Thanks 

ごCircular san na sa i (go men na sai) Sorry 
su Mi ma se san (su mi ma sen) Sorry


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