Top 5 must go places in Shinsekai, Osaka

1. Tongtian Pavilion

It is said to be the symbol of the new world. In addition to the upstairs there is a special prospecting platform for the sight of Osaka, there is also the "Golden Billy Kinchen Temple" of the lucky gods of Billiken (the gods of the gods from the United States in 1900) To "Luna Park diorama" of the New World area after 100 years ago. Business hours are 9:00 am - 9:00 pm (all year round) and the opening hours are until 8:30 pm. May be in the evening business hours outside the time to visit, from the days of the sky a little distance of the scattered steps, you can also enjoy the super-beautiful night sky tower Oh! Tongtian Ge colorful lighting and glory, and shop Kanban brilliant Chinese characters are listed in the intertwined under a variety of culture, like watching a movie near the future it. Admission fee, adult 700 JPY.

2. SpaWorld World Hot Springs

When you are tired of sightseeing, be sure to visit the SpaWorld World Hot Springs. You can enjoy the construction of the world's winds, including "Asia" and "Europe" (men and women will change every month), up and down there are 7 to 8 kinds of wind. In the Asian region, in addition to the Japanese open air, there are "Islamic stone wind", and in Europe can enjoy the "ancient Roman wind" and "Atlantis", "Greek medicine Tang Feng Lu" and other facilities. Through the use of the country's wind Lu, as if like a week around the world the same feeling! There are other rock bath or swimming pool and other equipment, so family can enjoy themselves here. Even more pleasing is that this side is open 24 hours. So that you can meet the Osaka tourist tour, when you have time to visit it! Admission fee for adults 2,700 JPY (tax included). 12:00 am - 5:00 am Because it is late at night, 1,300 JPY (tax included) is added.

3. Heart of the temple

As a temple in the New World area, we will recommend the "heart of the temple", but we want to be closer to the monastery. Another alias of the monastery is the "Buddha of the Buddha Temple", Nana Hall placed by the bone of the bone made of Buddha. As the other must-see attractions, there is a modern design sense of the "gate" and bronze "Ren Wang like".  The tourists like to take pictures of the popular land at here. In addition, tourists can have their prayers at the cemetery of "the generals of the Warring States Period". It is full of rich natural scenery and is place of cherry blossom. When you visit the spring, then you can see the full open cherry blossom Oh. Because the temple is wide, it is recommended that you come here for a leisurely stroll!

4. JANJAN Hengding (ジ ャ ン ジ ャ ン ↓)

Want to fully feel the common people atmosphere, then to "JANJAN Hengding" it! JANJAN Hengding, is located in Osaka City, the rapid wave area of ​​the United States to East 3 East East, stretching about 180m of the store street, the official name for the Nanyang through Street. In order to gather guests, there will be a Japanese instrument called Sally Line, and there is a name for JANJAN. This channel is the condensed version of Osaka cuisine, filled with many common people cheap Osaka name. Recommended fresh vegetables and fish and shellfish, wrapped in fried meat in the meat "fried string", fruit and milk made of sweet fruit juice "integrated fruit juice", "oolong" are also very delicious! Side of the Japanese feel the nostalgic atmosphere, while the shop to enjoy the food, so that the tour is not very complete it?

5. Japan's first fried string Gang Gang

If you want to taste the Osaka name "fried string" in the new world, it will be included in the list of "Japan's first fried string". The general "fried string" is easy to eat. This is a chance to eat this special dishes. In addition to the "fried string" menu, there is a "sumo pot (1,380 JPY)", which is the name of the "Grand Class (the highest level in sumo"), which is based on sumo Vegetables, fish and shellfish, meat and so on stewed dishes. There are also rich Japanese food such as "sushi" or "oolong". In a shop will be able to efficiently taste a large number of Japanese food culture, recommended to those who want to have this experience to go.