Q-pot x Sailor Moon Dream Cafe

I'm Here again!!!
Like last year Sailor moon is doing another collaboration with q-pot cafe and again it's super cute .
Last years one was enjoyable with all the sailor moon deco and themed sweets .
This year is themed after the dream mirror series .
All senshis get new cute dress, there's new merchandise etc.
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photo taken by (me)  kawaiijuls1993

Once inside you can see the wall full of sailor moon collaboration goods , which you can order and buy straight from the cafe.
Before entering you will be given a form to fill out what take out items or merchandise you want to buy.
(Will be given to you at counter after you have paid).
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Pamphlets featuring the menu
I recommend to choose the plate set as you can take the plate home (can't buy anywhere else , only option is to buy from ebay which is super expensive).
If you think the plate set is a bit costly but you want a small gift to take home , order the necklace plate or parfait and you'll get a character coaster.

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photo taken by (me)  kawaiijuls1993
Chibi Usa cup and the candy jar are exclusives at the cafe , you can only buy them inside the cafe so you cannot buy from the q-pot online store.
I couldn't resist and brought the chibiusa cup , it's too cute to use...
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photo taken by (me)  kawaiijuls1993

Also for photo purposes you can take these sailor senshis to take awesome photos, but you must be quick because a lot of people are wanting and waiting  to get nice photos with them.
I wanted to use them for photos but sadly another person was faster and they didn't put them back until it was time to leave so I couldn't use them to take nicer and cuter photos .
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photo taken by (me)  kawaiijuls1993

Of course we ordered the plate set , because like last cafe you can take the plate home with you.
Only sailor moon and chibiusa plate is available to keep.
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photo taken by (me)  kawaiijuls1993

Luna and Artermis cookies , comes in cute tin cases , I recommend to buy at least one of them because they're pretty and yum.
(I brought the original flavour it's goes great with a nice cup of tea or coffee).
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photo taken by (me)  kawaiijuls1993

Across the street , there's a q-pot store where you can buy some sailor moon collaboration jewellery and on the top floor you can take photos with the sailor moon characters on the wall.
Another great experience and a perfect day for us sailor moon fans.
But this cafe is only running until 20th August and you must reserve a seat before going.
Super close to Omotesando station and quick walk from Harajuku.
Also before entering staff will ask you to show your email confirm before allowing you in.

Japan, 〒107-0061 Tokyo, Minato, 北青山3-10-2


Julia Lai