3 easy on-the-go snacks you can find at just about every convenience store!

Travel fuel is important - you want to have the energy to explore as much as possible, and what you consume is what gets you through those long days of legging it around Japan! Convenience stores are pretty incredible for a number of reasons - the delicious eats being one of the main ones. Here are three of my favorite quick on the go snacks (that can really double as a small meal, if you need them to!) that are tasty, portable and inexpensive - the triple threat of traveler food needs!


When you think portable Japanese convenience store eats, onigiri has to be right up there at the top of the list. A rice ball, wrapped in seaweed (for taste, and so the rice doesn't dry out - genius!) and usually with some kind of filling - they're versatile and delicious. Some of the common filling options you'll see in convenience stores and supermarkets across Japan include tuna and mayonnaise, salmon, and mentaiko (fish roe).

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Curry Pan

Japanese Curry is a favorite food of mine - it's different in taste to curries elsewhere in the world (and I hope you'll get to try it during your travels here). In saying that, curry isn't really the most portable of snacks or meals...but enter the curry pan! Some curry is wrapped in dough to take on a donut shape, then coated with panko breadcrumbs and fried - it's as mouthwateringly good as it sounds. Most convenience stores will have them in their baked goods section - and you can also find them at loads of supermarkets and individually owned bakeries, too. 

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Yakisoba Rolls

Take the humble hot dog bun, and fill it with yakisoba noodles - and ta-da...you've got a yakisoba roll. It's perfect for transforming what would otherwise be a cumbersome meal to eat on the go into a transportable snack. You'll often see them topped with pickled ginger or mayonnaise too, for that extra flavor punch! These usually run you around 130-200 yen depending on where you get them - again, just check out your nearest convenience store's baked goods section and you're likely to find them there.

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Hopefully this gives you a few options for easy on the go snacks that are wallet and travel friendly - fingers crossed you'll get to enjoy some over the course of your trip here!

Safe Travels, and Enjoy Japan!

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