Our 10 day Trip to Japan! - Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Yamanashi (Part 2)

Hi Everyone!
Here's the second part of our trip!
If you haven't seen the Part 1 yet please check it out: https://www.odigo.jp/articles/11316-our-10-days-trip-to-japan-tokyo-osaka-kyoto-hiroshima-yamanashi-part-1

All photos used are original and were taken from the four (4) of us who took this trip. If you'll use any of the photos, please ask for permission.

Cont. Itinerary:

Day 7:  Hiroshima (Day Trip)
Places visited: We started our day early and hopped on the bullet train to Hiroshima. It took us almost two (2) hours. We decided to have our brunch  at Okonomi mura (Okonomi village) and try out their Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki. It has this crispy light bottom similar to a crepe and you can add some noodles on it, your choice between udon or soba. It's topped with the usual cabbage, strip of meat, sauce, etc. You can also have it topped with cheese if you like. We then proceeded to checkout some shops along the Hondori (shopping strip). Later on we went to visit the Hiroshima peace memorial park and museum. The air was melancholic, we realize how lucky we are being born in a time and place with relative peace. The people who died at that nuclear bomb in Hiroshima are mostly children and teens, we can't help but shed some tears irregardless of the historical context. It is still a fact that many innocent lives were lost. After that reflection and historical immersion we went to Miyajima island. There were deers on the loose, the beach, the beautiful  and great Miyajima Torii and the Itsukushima Shrine. We watched the sunset on the island and went back to Osaka later that night. A bit of a tip, better check the time of your arrival in Miyajima island to see if it is a low-tide or a high tide. If you want to walk along the Miyajima Torii it is best to go during the low-tide, but if you have enough time to spare, I guess you can wait the tide out instead.

Our first time trying the Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki!

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial, commonly called the Atomic Bomb Dome or A-Bomb Dome is part of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Sadako Sasaki's memorial with the thousand crane story, this is in memory of all who perished due to the radiation from the nuclear bomb.

A display inside the Hiroshima peace museum in memory of Sadako Sasaki.

Deer resting along the coast of Miyajima Island.

Sunset and the Miyajima Torii.

Day 8: Osaka to Kawaguchiko (Yamanashi)
Paces visited: If you're planning to go to Fuji-Kawaguchiko in Yamanashi prefecture I advise that you plan it properly and see the best times and bus route that will fit your schedule. We took an early bullet train from Osaka to Mishima Station and took the 1st bus going to Fujikawaguchiko. We arrived at lunch time. Two of my friends decided to go to the Kachi Kachi rope-way while me and my sister went to see the Shibazakura festival instead. It took us almost another hour to arrive at the park, but it was all worth it! The sky was clear and Mt. Fuji can be seen on her picturesque perfect moment surrounded by the pink phlox moss and other variety of flowers blooming. There were some shops selling  green teas (we love the cold peach green tea) and food. We ate the udon with horse meat and a Mt. Fuji delicacy called "Okotamayaki", which is basically similar to an Okonomiyaki in terms of ingredients and sauce but instead of a flour batter they use egg instead as a binder. We went back to our hotel later that night and they went to the Onsen. We also had some girl talk session later that night over some local red wine.

Mt. Fuji while we were on a bus going to kawaguchiko station.

The view from the Shibazakura festival (opposite view of the Mt. Fuji side)

The perfect spring weather!

Udon with horse meat!

"Okotamayaki" is so memorable, it taste so good! Thanks to my friend, あべたろうさん for telling me the name of this snack!

The view from our Hotel (Mizu no Hotel *which is a love hotel, but still pretty decent with a mix of foreigners who also do not know that it is such a place, lol)

Our last night together in this Japan trip!

Day 9:  Kawaguchiko to Tokyo
Places Visited: The original plan was to stay in Kawaguchiko for another day but since my there were some complications on the schedule of the tickets on our way back home, one my friend has to go back early in Tokyo. Although she did went ahead of us, we also decided to cut the Kawaguchiko trip short and go to Tokyo for another shopping trip around Harajuku. I guess it is also because most of us are also tired from the travel and we would just like to relax in Tokyo with plenty of time before our flight the next day. Btw, going back to Tokyo from Kawaguchiko station is simple, you can buy the bus ticket at the station and it will take you straight either to Shinjuku or Tokyo Station.

Food collage from Arashiyama, Fujikawaguchiko, Hiroshima, Osaka (Nanba).

Day 10: Flight back to Manila!

Here ends our short 10 days trip! We would have loved to stayed longer to explore more of Tokyo and Kawaguchiko, but overall the experience was worth every money and time spent. Japan is truly a beautiful place that is best experienced on all of its frontiers, the modern, the organic nature, the past, and  even its prospective of future. I hope this blog helped you to plan your trip!

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All photos used are original and were taken from the four (4) of us who took this trip. If you'll use any of the photos, please ask for permission.

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