Japan's family restaurants - fast, fresh and friendly!

Eating out as a family when you're vacationing somewhere new can often present some challenges. Will there be something on the menu to accommodate everyone's likes and dislikes? Are there provisions like high chairs or kids meals for the little ones? How long does it take from the time you order until the food hits the table?

Thankfully, Japan has a few great options that meet our family's criteria and take the stress out of eating on the go. We look for fast service (from getting a seat, to having your order taken quickly, and for the food to arrive promptly), fresh and tasty food, and friendly staff that are happy to have families eat there. Here are three family restaurants that tick all the boxes for us!

Cafe Gusto

Where can I find them?

The Cafe Gusto store locator can be found on their website here - it is in Japanese, but Google Translate can help! 

What do they serve?

The real question leans more towards "what don't they serve?" - they have a bit of everything! From hamburger steaks to katsu, pastas and pizzas, salads, desserts and more, you're bound to find something that you'll enjoy (at very reasonable prices, too). They also have a great kids menu with mini versions of items like hamburger steak, Japanese curry, ramen and more. There's even edamame served alongside french fries as side dishes for the kids (because balance is important, right?)

What kind of price point are we talking?

Kids meals are between 400-600 yen, and a lot of their regular meals are priced between 500-800 yen. 

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Where can I find them?

You can check out the Saizeriya Store Locator here (in Japanese).

What do they serve?

Quick and easy Italian-style food at really inexpensive prices. Their soups, salads, salami and prosciutto plates, and focaccia bread are all perfect choices for starters. For your main meals, they have loads of pasta options (including some that are more Japanese inspired), pizzas, steaks and desserts. There is also a kids menu to keep your little traveling companions happy!

What kind of price point are we talking?

To give you a bit of an indication, a pizza with triple buffalo mozzarella will set you back 499 yen, and a plate of pasta is anywhere from 300-500 yen (about $3 to $5 USD - and don't forget, tipping isn't customary in Japan!)

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Where can I find them?

Denny's Japan store locations can be found on their website here. Pop in the postal code of where you're staying in the search field (you should be able to find it on a hotel business card, pamphlet, or booking reservation) and it will show you on the map what's nearby.

What do they serve?

If you're from the States you might know Denny's as the place that serves up breakfasts, burgers and fries - here in Japan the Denny's menu is decidedly different, so despite the logo looking familiar you might see some things that you mightn't expect! There are delicious hamburger steaks with different toppings, various pastas, noodles, Japanese curry and more. You might actually struggle making a decision because their menu book is so comprehensive! They also have a great kids menu with healthy side options like rice and veggies. 

What kind of price point are we talking?

Pasta dishes here are around the 600-800 yen mark, kids meals are between 349-500 yen, and hamburger steak meals are around 1000 yen. 

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Hopefully this gives you some options for places to eat in Japan that are great for adults and kids alike - and not too hard on the wallet!

Enjoy Japan, and Happy Eating!

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