Fabulous Fabrics at Nippori Fabric Town

I have a few friends that are very good at sewing - they make their own clothes and clothes for their children, and they're always on the hunt for cute fabrics at great prices. There is a particular spot in Tokyo that they love visiting for this very reason - and if you enjoy projects with fabrics as well, you might want to pay this part of the city a visit during your travels. It's called Nippori, and it's renowned for being a sewing fans paradise!

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Getting there is easy - Nippori Station is located on the JR Yamanote Line, which does a loop around many spots in Tokyo (so it's likely that you'll have a stop on the Yamanote Line not too far from where you're staying). Once you arrive at Nippori Station, it's only a couple of minutes walk from the station until you reach the main textiles street which stretches on for about a kilometer.

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You'll know that you're in the right spot when you see the streets marked with these flags saying Fabric Street!

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You can find all manner of fabrics here - from the traditional to the modern. Personally I love a lot of the fabrics that have Japanese inspired designs on them, like daruma dolls, kokeshi dolls, and cherry blossoms. They would make really cute clothes for little ones - I'm imagining little skirts with matching headbands using some of the fabrics in the picture below! There are options galore, with over 80 different retailers condensed into this one area - so you're bound to find a textile design (or multiple!) that you love.

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I hope that if you're into crafts or DIY projects involving textiles that you'll have a chance to visit this area during your trip - there are lots of bargains and lovely fabrics to be found. Nippori is only a couple of stops away from Ueno Station, and there is a lot to do around the Ueno area (shopping, Ueno Park, multiple museums, and the Ueno Zoo for instance) so it could be a good area to plan a day around!

Happy Sewing, and enjoy Tokyo!

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