Make way, McDonalds - 3 Japanese Burger Chains to check out on your trip!

When you think fast food + burgers, there's a couple of places globally that spring to mind - the most notable would probably be McDonalds and Burger King (and they're most likely the ones with the fiercest rivalry!)

When you're traveling, you might feel like the comfort and ease of a burger - but you may prefer something different to what you can get back home. Japan has several tasty burger chains if you need a meal on the go - here are three of them!

MOS Burger

MOS Burger started back in 1972 in Japan, and offers a range of different menu items. There are some standard choices like hamburgers, cheeseburgers and chicken burgers - but then they branch out into some menu items you may not have seen elsewhere! Burgers with buns made from rice, and a wide selection of soy based patties if you're not a meat eater make MOS Burger different from their competitors. As well, they offer a low allergen menu which is great if you have certain dietary requirements or allergies that you need to be mindful of when dining out.


Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger started back in 1992, and have plenty of different options on their menu - from classic cheeseburgers, avocado burgers and crispy chicken burgers, to some decidedly more unique offerings. How does a peanut butter burger, a cheese fondue burger, or a gyoza burger or dog sound? Well, at Freshness Burger you can give those a try if your heart desires it. Right now they also have a limited time mango burger - definitely can't beat them for different choices! They serve up inexpensive morning sets (perfect if you're up early for a flight or to catch a shinkansen) as well as kids menus and dessert options.



Lotteria has also been around in Japan since 1972 (like MOS Burger - something about the year, it seems!) and offers a range of different hamburgers, cheeseburgers and teriyaki burgers. They also regularly have new menu items popping up, including the recent addition of a yakiniku burger. As well as the meat options, Lotteria offer shrimp burgers - they're who other fast food chains have borrowed the idea from! They have tapioca drinks (bubble tea) and desserts too, if you're after something sweet to finish off your meal with.


Hopefully if you see one of these stores during your travels you'll know a bit more about what they offer on their menus and feel more comfortable about stepping inside and giving something a try.

Enjoy Japan, and Happy Eating!

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