JR Shinkansen and express train is expensive!

Travel to all parts of Japan, the railway is an indispensable means of transport. In particular, the JR Shinkansen from Hokkaido to Kyushu is very fast, and you can play these places when you are famous for sightseeing spots such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Shin Osaka, Shin Kobe, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. 

However, the fly in the ointment is expensive! If you use the Shinkansen to travel for a week, then spend quite amazing! Specifically to Japan tourism, because the Shinkansen fare high and not to those who want to go to the place is a pity! 
To solve this trouble, rely on the Japanese Rail Pass (Japan Rail Pass) of the. This is specifically for foreign tourists to provide the value of privilege, the Japanese can not buy, so let the Japanese envy "really want to be a foreign tourists ah"! If you have decided to travel to Japan, then first get this hand, to a savvy happy Japanese tour it.

What is the Japanese Rail Pass?

The Japan Rail Pass is a ticket for many railways from Hokkaido to Kyushu, which are operated by six companies (Hokkaido, Higashi-Japan, West Japan, East China Sea, West Japan, Shikoku and Kyushu), which are operated by JR Group. Most of the JR railways and buses are free to sit, which is quite cheap compared to the regular JR ticket. However, the purchase method is too much trouble. Have a good look at the next note. 

Use range

The use of the Japan Rail Pass includes the following routes.
· JR Group's railroad line (except Shinjuku "Nozomi" and "Mizuho")
· Tokyo Monorail (Haneda Airport - Hamamatsu-cho)
· Share part of third-party railway with JR (if you can not get off at the same station)
· In addition to high-speed bus Other local bus
JR JR JR Miyajima Miyajima ferry (Hiroshima / Miyajima - Miyajima port)
Private railroad other than JR can not be used. If you have any questions, you can ask a travel service center or a green window after arriving in Japan. In addition, a detailed road map can be downloaded from the official website of the Nihon Keisei (
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Who can buy it

A person who can use the Japanese Rail Pass is a foreign visitor who has a "short stay" in the Japanese law. In addition, an overseas resident who has a Japanese nationality and who has a permanent residence in a country of residence abroad, as well as a person who resides overseas and marries with a foreigner, may use the pass. 

Under what circumstances the use of more cost-effective?

If it is in Tokyo and Hokkaido, or Osaka and Okinawa between the two points to move, then the plane is relatively cheap and relatively fast. If it is in a place to stay, and then to feel the local hot springs such arrangements, there is no need to use this pass. 
It is definitely worth buying ticket, and you want to go from Hokkaido through Kyushu, or Kansai, Kanto want to play, or visit northeast after want to go to Hokkaido to see the situation. Pass is very suitable for many famous tourist attractions in Japan to see, or to Japan after the free to decide the tourist destination of tourists. JR Shinkansen and Tokyo trains basically cover famous Japanese tourist attractions. Coupled with the local operation of each stop parking tram, from the main station to the destination can be free to move. 

In the end how good?

Such as about two weeks of travel as an example. It is possible to enjoy the natural and the food of Hokkaido, and finally return to Tokyo, from Matsushima, one of Japan's three scenic spots, one of Japan's three scenic spots, and so on. Then come from Tokyo to the west ... ... the way to the rich history of Kyoto, food street in Osaka, with national treasure Hime Road, Hime Road, you can visit the World Heritage of the original explosion of the dome and the island of the island of Hiroshima Shrine, there are many street snack food Hakata. 
The first half of the cost of the East Japan trip totaled 61,780 yen, the latter part of the West Japan trip to 34,750 yen. A total of 96530 yen! This is expensive! 
If you use the Japan Rail Pass? Only need 46390 yen, less than half! In other words by the way, even if the use of high-level green car seats only 62,950 yen. 

First get the exchange voucher!

Japan Rail Pass is not available in Japan. Before you go to Japan, you must purchase "exchange coupons" at JR designated sales outlets.
For details of the sales outlets of each country, please refer to here. ⇒ The purchase and use of the Japan Rail Pass (

The sales outlets or agents of the exchange coupons will explain to you in detail, Do not understand the place please confirm, and then buy.
7 days coupon) 
Effective 7 days from the first day of use Pass 
Green car 38880 yen (children / 19440 yen) 
Ordinary car 29110 yen (children / 14550 yen) 

[14 days coupon] 
From the use of pass The first day starts for 14 consecutive days 
Green car 62950 yen (children / 31470 yen) 
Ordinary car 46390 yen (children / 23190 yen) 

【21 days coupon】
Valid for 21 days from the first day of use pass 
Green car 81870 yen Children / 40930 yen) 
ordinary car 59350 yen (children / 29670 yen) The 
above price is 2016 years the current price, there may be changes.

Exchange of exchange coupons and appointment of coupons

With the exchange coupons arrived in Japan, the direct exchange coupons can not take the JR tram. First pass with a coupon, a passport with a "short stagnation" stamp / sticker, and proof of proof of purchase (a resident who has a Japanese nationality and resides abroad to present proof of residence, possession of an overseas permanent residence or Foreigners who are married abroad should present proof of marriage and proof of overseas residence of spouse) to the nearest pass exchange window.
Exchange Window Please refer to here ⇒ Japanese Rail Pass Exchange Window (
If the journey time has been determined, it is best to make an appointment to ensure that the seat of the seats. Direct to the station's travel service center, "green window", JR designated travel agency service window can make an appointment. Japanese people need to buy a counter ticket when the need for additional money, and the Japanese Rail Pass has been included in the number of seats. Shinkansen, urgent, quick travel Green car and ordinary car points. It should be noted that the purchase of coupons is different, you can ride the car is not the same. If you do not need the number of seats, as long as the ticket can be presented on the train. In addition, we can not take the Shinkansen "Nozomi" and "Mizuho", and please confirm with station staff. 

Other precautions

◎ exchange coupons from the date of purchase within 3 months must be replaced by the Japanese Rail Pass. 
◎ exchange window may be more crowded, in time to bring room. And the exchange window of the business hours and rest days vary, please confirm in advance! 
◎ Even if you can use the green car pass, if you want to use the Shinkansen luxury class (Gran Class) and ordinary single room, urgent, urgent green single room and ordinary single room, sleeper compartment, you need to pay an additional fee. 
◎ Shinkansen, urgent, the city's local stations are basically using automatic ticket. However, the Japanese Rail Pass can not use the automatic ticket, the need to use the manual ticket channel. The red arrows in the figure below refer to the manual checkpoint. 

In some places there is only a manual check channel.