A Kawaii Day @ Sanrio Puroland

Enjoy a full day of Sanrio kawaiiness at the Sanrio Puroland.
It may be a bit far but totally worth it , once you arrive Tama Centre Station , you'll instantly feel that  Sanrio cuteness even before entering the park.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

Walking towards the exit you'll spot a few familiar and the most loved Sanrio characters on your way.
Even the signs in the station has characters printed on it.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

Even before the park there's a lot of cute decoration  you can take photos of before heading to the real fun.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

Look up you can spot Hello kitty and Pompompurin on top of the departure signs , i know its really cute but be in mind its a really busy station
so be careful and mindful of others too, don't be too immerse with the cute decor and make sure your not in other people's way, when taking photos of everything.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

Hello Kitty and friends welcomes you , how many characters can you find in the station? :)
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

KEIO Tama Center Station is collaboration with Sanrio Puroland , so thats why this station is much cuter than the others you've been too.
Near here you'll see a information center if you need any help but its not hard to miss because you can see a huge Hello kitty Plush sitting inside the information center.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

The cutest ceiling art you'll ever see !!
When you see this your almost to the park , so keep going it's not that far.

For people using Google maps apps etc, the app tells you to turn left when you get out of the station so don't follow the app because it takes you to a longer detour where  it takes you to where the tour buses drop off.
So  just relax and keep walking straight and you'll arrive shortly and right in front of the park too, you won't be feeling lost because you can see some hello kitty flags leading you to the park while walking there.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

Found it ~
I brought my advance E-ticket online so I didn't have to wait in line , I just walk straight to the entrance and scanned the QR code on my iPhone.
I recommend you buy advance tickets because the line for purchasing is super long.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

Honestly it's just too cute even if you just went inside , but be aware that there's a lot of people so prepare to wait in line for max 65min for rides.
I didn't go on a weekend and it was already packed with people , I waited until it was after noon to start lining up for rides because I thought most people would leave by then ... but I was wrong , the lines are long almost consistently.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

Purovillage is where you'll find most rides , food court , game room, and shows .
Here you can ride the character boat or watch the live shows
Or else you can walk towards other character sections like , my melody , lady kitty , twins star , game centre and food court.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

The lights are pretty but if you look behind you'll see the cute little sugar bunnies.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

Sanrio entrance store is the largest store in puroland , where you can buy most of the character merchandise.
Seriously wanted to buy everything but that's impossible but one thing I manage to buy (which I have been look around in most Sanrio stores but sold out in mostly every store) is the My Melody x Sailor Moon plush (but only small one) , which made my day anyway.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

While shopping around the entrance store don't forget to look up and take photos of the character.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

Break time , the food court is really busy and noisy so if you want a more quieter place to eat and relax , I suggest you head back to the main entrance room and go up the stairs and you'll find the cinnamoroll cafe.

Super cute and photogenic food , on that floor you can find a mini Sanrio store and cinnamoroll store and also a few attraction spots to take awesome photos.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993
photo taken by kawaiijuls1993
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photo via kawaiijuls1993.

The food is too cute to eat .
Also character cups you are allowed to take home with you (like this cinnamoroll cup).
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

Character boat ride is the cutest boat ride ever, you'll see most of your favorite Sanrio character , it's a bit like Disney's it's a small world ride but cuter.
This was the only ride I could go on , since the lines were super long , so I do regret lining up for rides so late in the day.

But i manage to go to most of the photo attraction places.
Also Live shows are more for a kid audience ,  there's a lot of people waiting to see the show so be prepared to sit around or stand on the stairs for the whole show.

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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

While waiting to go into lady kitty's room , you'll see the super cute and pink hotel like wall.
This isn't a ride but more of a photo attraction, at the end you have to wait in line to exit because you'll get a chance to take a photo with hello kitty , you can purchase a rose to give to kitty and she'll give you a small gift after you've take the photo with her.
Like most theme parks you can purchase the photo.

I also when into the Gudetama airlanes too , which is another place to take photos with gudetama theme foods and play 2 mini games ( cracking egg game and go crazy dancing game) .
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993.
before going crazy and taking beautiful photos in the lady kitty room , you can first take a nice photo with the sofa , piano and stairs , also you'll have to
watch the mini clip before they open the doors to the actual attraction.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993

At night time the entrance looks more lovely , with all those lights , so definitely take photos of the outside when you leave.

Any Sanrio fan , fan of cute things and families will enjoy this, so prepare yourself for a cute long day at Sanrio Puroland. 

Julia Lai