Away from the fluffy and onto the creepy crawly at Rockstar Reptile Cafe Osaka!

If you ask people what their fears are in life, fairly high up on a lot of people's lists are creepy crawlies. Whether it be snakes, spiders or lizards, they're usually things that are enough to elicit gasps or screams when people are brought face to face with them. But voluntarily choosing to dine alongside them? You can do that (if you dare!) at Osaka's Rockstar Reptile Cafe!


You'll know that you're at the right spot when you see the Rockstar signage out the front, with pictures of some of the animals you can hang out with in the cafe!


At Rockstar Reptile Cafe, there are a range of eats and drinks on the menu - some are par for the course, like om-rice, a range of different pastas, risotto and various sandwiches - but then you have the special menu. Right now the special menu has a bunch of alligator edibles (alligator skewers, for instance) but that changes regularly, and you might be there when a plate of bugs is on the special menu.

Plate o' bugs strike your fancy? via

While you're waiting for your food (and when you're eating it, too!) you can hang out with your new creepy crawly companions - whether or not they'll put you off your meal is up to the individual! 


If you'd like to pay a visit to the Rockstar Reptile Cafe, the closest station is Namba - and then it's an easy three minute walk from there. The cafe also has a website which you can find here - it is in Japanese but Google Translate can help you out. They open from noon until 10pm, but they do have some scheduled closure days. If you check their website, the calendar on the right hand side of their page has certain dates marked in pink - those are the days that they are closed. If you're planning on making a special trip, be sure to check that before you go.

Enjoy Japan, and Safe Travels!

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