Lockheart Castle - A Scotish castle in Japan

Close to Numata in Gunma is a small old scotish castle. A Scotish castle? Yes that´s right! Lockheart castle was transportet in 1988 during the economy boom some Japanese brought the castle from Scotland to Japan via the Siberian railroad. The castle became the first restored European castle in Japan. The original castle belonged to an old scotish knight about 690 years ago. The castle was build in 1829 southwest of Edinburgh.
Nowadays the castle is a small museum with many different exhibitions. You can see old castle stuff from different European countries like Germany, France and England or take a look at the small perfume exhibition.  There is also an old rolls royce which Diana, Princess of Wales, used while she visited Japan. Also you can take a look at a great jewelry selection. There is one jewelry that Jacqueline first lady of J.F. Kennedy used to wear. 
At the second floor is an amazing big Santa Claus/Christmas exhibition. One of the owner loved it to collect Santas.
If you like you can also dress up like a princess and take photos inside and outside of the castle. It is a great opportunity especially for kids. 
The park around the castle offers different souvenir stores and also has two big restaurants. If you love teddy bears, you can also make a stop at the teddy bear museum.
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Lockheart caslte is also called “Lover's sacred ground”. There are many small attraction for couples like the big tower, where you can find on top a bell. If you ring that bell with your big love it will bring you eternal love. Also couple can write a message on small heart shaped shells and hang them everywhere in the park.
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There is also the chance to marry at the small chapel close to the castle. The chapel is very beautiful with its Medieval charm and the sound is very great inside.
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For 2018 they are planning to build a huge Labyrinth, which is an fantastic idea and adventure for kids!
The castle is also popular because it is used very often for TV movies, Dramas or Music Videos. There is a small exhibition about all the stars who came to the castle and left a message. 

Open Hours: 9:00-17:00
Admission fee:
Adult.:¥1,000(18 and over) ¥800(Junior&High school students) 
Children:¥500(4-12) Children under 3 years old FREE. 

Kerstin Yamane