Morning market of Yobuko

Yobukocho in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, located at the tip of the Higashi Matsuura peninsula in the northwest part of Kyushu. Kaboshima (Kaboshima) lying in front of you is prospering as a good natural harbor since ancient times to protect the port from the rough wave of Genkai Nada. Such a small port town is also "town of squid" known all over the country.
Speaking of Yoshiko "town of squid". More than 900,000 people visit in the year aiming for "making the living of squid" outstanding transparency. Morning market of Yobuko who is popular and morning market which can take a stroll on the ocean floor are not to be missed, but such a special name next to Squid was born to such a Yobuko, which is attracting attention as a new Yoriko brand.

Every day except New Year's Day, "Yoriko no Morning Market" to be held 364 days

Conversation with healthy aunts as well as the real thrill of the morning market

Except for New Year's Day, "Yoshiko's Morning Market" counted in the three major morning markets in Japan are held every day from 7:30 in the morning until 12 o'clock in the day. Its history dates back to the Edo era when it prospered by whaling, barter exchanges between whale meat and fresh fish to be fished and agricultural products made by farmers are supposed to begin. 

"About 200 meters of morning market street becomes pedestrian heaven, about 40 stores on weekdays and about 60 shops on holidays line up," Mr. Kobayashi said. Some marine products were taken in the ocean, various vegetables and agricultural products of fruits. Especially the shop handling dried fish. Dried squid overnight and dried asian fish are mainstream, but the taste is different depending on the store as it is handmade. Let's taste it tastefully and find the taste of your choice. 

While listening to shopping, I also enjoy talking with local people. Even well-awake grandmothers are active in Yoriko's morning market, but most of them are surprising because they are in the 70s and 80s. From the seniors of life, you get the power of a nice smile.

The new specialties after the creation of squid's lifestyle are "making liveliness of mackerel"

The "Saba act" whose body is tightened and greasy is the second special to the squid

As a new specialty following the squid's livelihoods, it is recommended that masterpieces recommend "mackerel's livelihood - so-called" Maba (and) ". Mr. Kobayashi is confident also, "It is safe and secure farming mackerel created through joint research between Kyushu University and Karatsu city." 

Because mackerels are quick in the feet, they rarely eat sashimi except in the production area, and some people worry about smells specific to blue fish and parasites. However, the mackerel which is made living by Yobuko is the first complete culturing in Japan that hatched the eggs collected from cultured adult fish, and raised again. Because they cultivate in an onshore aquarium that has a suitable environment for mackerel, there is little worry about parasites. 

In shops around Yobuko who offer "Saba Activity", freshness is no problem so I will judge mackerel to swim in a kake on the spot. Even locally, it is a reputation that "You can not defeat natural mackerel". Currently, Saba activities are offered at seven inns in Yoshiko cho as well as next to Shin Nishi Town. Accommodation plans that can enjoy the squid's livelihood and the mackerel's lifestyle together are popular.

Enjoy the sea of ​​Yobuko with a pleasure boat

Cruising which can be touched by the rich seas of Yobuko is also a popular sightseeing menu. There are two kinds of courses that you can experience cruising, "Gyra" under the sea and "Ika Maru" at the cave sightseeing. 

Gira, which is characterized by a whale-like motif, is a semi-submersible submersible observation vessel. You can appreciate the appearance of fish swimming in the sea 1.2 meters below sea level from the large left and right windows inside the ship. 

Meanwhile, Ika Maru is a ship with a squid motif as its name, which is characterized by being able to enjoy the Natsukashi exploration which is also designated as a natural monument of the country. Nittsuka is a marine cave (Kaisekou Animal Cortex) known from ancient times as a scenic landscape for strange rocks, so to speak, nature created artwork. Only Ika Maru can be seen in the cave and near the corner. 

"Although a pleasure boat is also nice, of course, I would like you to see the Tsukuba Tug of War with the first Saturday and Sunday of June every year," Kobayashi said. The great tug of warrior is a traditional event that started when Toyotomi Hideyoshi club set up at Hizen Nagoya Castle to inspire morale of the soldiers. A spectacular festival that attracts the hundreds of meters of the outline, the visitors can jump in and join, the venue gets much excitement.