Koryu Island, main island of Okinawa!

Especially in the main island of Okinawa, the northern area where the sea is beautiful. Among them, the clear sea spreads to Koryijima in Nakijin village, and its transparency is also high. Furthermore, the Kurisui Bridge, which extends over the sea, is extremely popular as a magnificent spot. I will introduce the charm of remote island · Koryijima which can easily go by car.
The scenery of the sea to watch from Koryu Bridge is one of the most beautiful in Okinawa

Koryi island is such a place!

The main tourist attraction of the island, Koharu beach enjoying the sea bathing

The highlight of Koryi island is the sea which changes to various blue as much as anything. Koryu Bridge Ohashi , a tourist spot that represented Okinawa since its opening, spreads the cobalt blue sea on both sides and feels like as if it is floating in the ocean. When you cross the old Kuri Ohashi bridge and enter the island, Kuri Usui beach is the main beach of the island that appears right in front of you . "It is the closest beach from the entrance of the island, the transparency is outstanding, so there are free parking and shower around, so it is recommended for swimming," he said. Also popular among couples is the beach where the two rocks overlap and the rock "Heart Rock" which looks like a heart shape and the heart-rock is seen beach . Many tourists visit as spots of marriage from the shape of the rock. 
 "I want you to taste the sea urchin made from Kurisuijima with fresh and thick sweetness," but unfortunately we are prohibiting fishing for resource recovery. If it is lifted, please enjoy it.

The perfection beach is also attractive!

Tokai Beach on the natural beach on the other side of the bridge

On the island there are many natural beaches without hands, and on Tokake Beach on the north side of the island you can swim with colorful tropical fish. "In the summer sea turtle comes to lay eggs, so the sand beach is clean," he said. Also on this beach there is a shell called Kiroyu Grayishi, it is called peace shellfish because it looks like a piece that is hand-pieceed, and if you find it you can be happy. 
 And Chinugu beach where human genesis myths are transmitted . It is just westward from Kouli beach . This beach is opposite the torii at the side of the road. In the island there are some marriages such as marriage and Kozanasan prayers' fortune, which is one of them. It is regarded as the birthplace of mankind from the legend about love that can be said to be Japanese adam and eve remains. Koryijima used to be called "Kuroshima" is now familiar as "Koijima" after this story. 
 Other than that, there are quiet and secluded Seoul Beach, etc. Let's swim, swim, watch , do beach-coming.

Let's take a walk around the island

The road leading from the village to the sea. You can see Koryu Bridge in the distance

On Koryijima, you can see rustic landscapes that have not changed since Okinawa everywhere. The white stone wall that surrounds the houses of the settlement is a stack of Ryukyu limestone, which was used as a building material for a long time in Okinawa. Also, the sugarcane field swaying by the sea breeze is one of the landscapes that represent the island. And you can see the inside of the island from the Amjafaval rural park on the hill of the island. "There is a trace of the apogee address here and it has played a role in watching far away." When I found a foreign ship, I heard that it was being transmitted to Nago and Naha, and the scenery from this hill is It's a superb view. " 
 This place is called " Tumiya (Remembrance) trace ", quiet and calm place. There is also a Takaya here, and a good break with a beautiful view.

Taking a break while watching the ocean at the cafe

View from the café Fukurabi

There are many cafes boasting location on Koryi Island, so we recommend you stop by on the way of driving. Mr. Takada who is expert is also the manager of the cafe " House of the sea YOSHIKA ". Other cafés such as cafe furukurabi , t & C , and newly opens one sweet restaurant L lota , all offer cafes where you can taste plentiful scenery from both shops and delicious dishes. 
"There are various expressions of the sea from the windows of the cafe of Kuri-yori island, emerald green during the day, orange of the sunset in the evening, and a rainbow can be seen when the kabutu (shower show) peculiar to Okinawa" And Masters. 
 In a relaxed island time, the moment of spending time watching the ocean is luxurious. You can taste the real pleasure that came to Okinawa.