Nagasaki's leading tourist destination

Beautiful Dutch townscape and seasonal flowers, attractions that children and adults can enjoy together, even to art on a full-scale stage. Recommended tourist spot in Nagasaki · Huis Ten Bosch has a lot of charm anyway. Master tells how to enjoy Huisten Bosu and recommended hotels.
A street full of exoticism. There are various areas in the vast site

In the last few years, Huis Ten Bosch, a tourist destination in Nagasaki, which is attracting attention not only from Kyushu but also from the Kansai and Kanto regions, as well as from overseas. Renewal is constantly being promoted all over the place, and you can meet new events and attractions whenever you visit. 

Among them, the illumination coloring the city glitteringly "Kingdom of Light" is popular both inside and outside of Kyushu. "Kingdom of Game" appeared in Heisei 20 (2014). It is full of attractions that you can only experience here, such as Japan's first "game museum" that you can actually play from old-fashioned games to new games. 

Beautiful Dutch-like townscape in harmony with nature

A building with a sense of unity is in harmony with nature
Huis Ten Bosch, which opened in 1992, is surrounded by flowers and greenery every season and is a beautiful theme park with a landscape of 6 kilometers in length. Amusement facilities, shops, restaurants, etc. are abundantly present, and people who visited the ornate event are pleased. 

Huis Ten Bosch is full of charm, but its characteristics are beautiful towns that faithfully reproduce the buildings of the medieval Dutch. If you are walking around in the air as it is, it makes me feel like I am really far in Japan and really in the Netherlands. Bricks used for buildings and cobblestone are all imported from the Netherlands. Furthermore, it improves from the soil to grow trees before opening, and the canal flowing through the place also uses bricks and soil to encourage natural circulation. 

Mr. Nakano says, "It's been more than 20 years since the start of business, but as the history has been repeated, the surrounding nature and the cityscape have become more familiar, I think that a more unified feeling will be born from now." When strolling through Huis Ten Bosch, it is interesting to look towards each one of the commitments that were put in the detail of the city harmonious with nature.

Experience activities and attractions with everyone in the family

"Castle in the sky" going through the course with strength

Huis ten Bosch may have an image of a facility for adults enjoying walks. However, if you actually go there, you will be surprised that the attractions and activities that children and adults can experience together are substantial. 

In "Kingdom of Games" opened in July of Heisei 20 (2014), "Game Museum" that you can experience from old-fashioned games to future games that make use of state-of-the-art technology and a thrilling adventure There are plenty of attractions such as the course "Castle in the sky". Among them, the mission execution time trial game "Dinosaur forest" whose escape success rate is less than 1% is said that repeaters are continuing from the level of difficulty and thrilling fullness. 

"There are plenty of attractions that children and adults can join together and have fun using their mental and physical strengths," Nakano says plenty of confidence. All the family want you to enjoy Huisten Bosch attractions.

Apart from everyday, relaxingly watching the stage and art

There are other charms unique to Huis Ten Bosch. One of them is "Huis Ten Bosch Opera". We perform performances every day at the muse hall of the permanent theater, and if there is an admission ticket of Huis Ten Bosch, you can watch a full-scale opera for free (there are some fee-based seats available). Eating and drinking in the hall is also possible, so it's nice to stop by casually. 

"There are some fans who came in and they came to visit the performances many times because of that, and plenty of things to see in the 30 minutes of performance," Mr. Nakano said. It is a two team system of "light" and "flower", so you can enjoy different plays in the day. 

Furthermore, do not forget, "Huis Ten Bosch Art Museum" in the building which reproduced the palace of the Netherlands. Even children have easy-to-understand explanations, works of a wide range of genres are displayed from a number of collections. It is also nice to be able to relax in the quiet hall. 

Also, at the lobby lounge of Huisten Bosch Harbor Zone, "Watermark Hotel Nagasaki / Huis Ten Bosch" facing the sea in front of you, exhibitions such as photo exhibitions are exhibited for each season. As it is a hotel in the entrance free area, you can feel free to visit.