Buying Video Games in Japan


About 2 months ago I bought one of my favorite games of all time... DRAGON QUEST!!! I grew up playing Dragon Quest, and I've always loved it!! In Japan, the new Dragon Quest game came out and right at the moment, I knew that I want to get it! I was very fortunate to get it at Rakuten(it's like Amazon) at very cheap price, which was 5480 yen.  If you buy it at the store, it'll be about 6400 yen!! And it also comes with a special code that can get me items that cannot be gained in games. I am almost done with the game, and as far as the story goes, I think it had the best story out of all the dragon quest games I've played! (Oh btw, I've played Dragon Quest IV, V, IX and little bit of VI and VII)
IMG_1923.JPG 1.6 MB
This is the back
IMG_1924.JPG 1.76 MB
this is the front cover!  

As I said earlier, buying video games at stores can be expensive so I recommend that you buy them online. You can purchase them for cheaper price, usually the price the store sells for used games. And it's free shipping too!! If you buy it at Rakuten, you can gain alot  of points which can be used as money!

Here's the site for Rakuten if you are interested. 

Mai Oga