Flowers, Rhinestones and Mermaids, Oh My! Japanese Nail Trends 2017

Flowers, Rhinestones and Mermaids, Oh My! 

Japanese Nail Trends 2017

Quiz time!

Fur, flowers, velvet, houndstooth, leopard print are all things you'll find on which fashion item in Japan? This year, it's not just winter coats but nail art also!

Fashion in Japan is unique and always an interesting aspect of a visit. However fashion in Japan is not limited to clothing, accessories and hairstyles, nails manicured with perfect works of art are an important part of the whole picture too. From elegant and chic to elaborate (and sometimes outrageous) 3D sculptures, Japanese nail art is anything but boring.
So what are people wearing on their nails this year? Here are three trends rocking in 2017

Nuance Nails

Nuance Nails refers to a very individual style of nail art mixing different colours, designs and decorations freely to express your own style. This means every nail could be different but a balance is maintained through a colour theme or the ‘parts’ attached. Yes, that’s right, Japanese nail art allows for all manner of attachments and embellishments as part of the design. From rhinestones to favourite Disney or anime characters, the variety is astounding.

This year it's popular to embed dried flowers in the design for a whimsical floral look, or use wire, pearls and natural gemstones for a more vintage feel. Summer has seen a real shells embedded too.

Pretty Patterns and Classic with a Twist

For an understated, elegant look patterns such as paisley, tartan and animal print continue to be popular. Coming into winter, look out for tortoiseshell, houndstooth and snowflake motifs. A new spin on the chic French nail is changing the traditional thin crescent tip to cover half nails diagonally or in an oval shape.

Unicorns and Mermaid scales

While still popular, mirror nails created by buffing mirror powder to a high shine are slowly being taken over by the iridescent sparkle of the unicorn nail.

Keeping with a fantasy theme Mermaid Scale, layers of gel built up to create a shell-like appearance with pearl embellishments has understandably been the hottest trend this summer. They are seriously cute.

What's coming up for autumn and winter this year? 

What will you spot on the nails of the fashion conscious and trendsetters as fall and winter approach? Predicted trends include the continued popularity of nuance nails, with a shift to the smoky colours of fall and a touch of gold, the chic and elegant houndstooth pattern and very cute ‘knit nails’ evoking the cosy feel of your warmest woollen jumper.
Or to brighten the grey winter days aurora nails, as the name suggests, mix pinks, blues and sparkling silver to evoke the beauty of the Northern Lights.

Where you can go if you want in on the fun?

Fancy getting yourself nails done while visiting Japan? Want to wow your friends and family with stunning Japanese nail art when you arrive home? Check out the Top 5 Foreigner-Friendly Nail Salons in Shibuya recommended by Odigo for some tourist friendly nail salons to visit during your stay.

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