Tokyo: Kasai Rinkai Koen

The Kasai Rinkai Park is a very huge park in the heart of Edogawa-ku east of Tokyo. The park is just a few meters away from the JR Station “Kasai Rinkai Koen”. From Tokyo station it takes around 13 minutes by JR Keiyo Line to the park.
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The park is the second largest in the Tokyo area with an aquarium and a bird sanctuary. Third of the par k belongs to the bird sanctuary. There are different houses and viewing platform to watch birds. Everywhere are little small ponds and fields, where the birds are living. You can find a really great variety of birds in that area, perfect for bird lovers or if you want to do an excursion with a kids group.
At the Sea Bird Centre kids can learn all about birds and sometimes they even have small nests with babies there.
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The park itself is quite large and is located close to the Tokyo Bay with three small islands, where you can enjoy the sun or do BBQ.
The park is great for relaxing. There are so many wonderfully secret places where you can hide and be undisturbed. It is really a nice place to escape from the Tokyo hustle and bustle.
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Unfortunately the beach itself is not so beautiful with its dark dirty sand, but it is a nice place to sit down close by and enjoy the ocean breeze. You can even see Disneyland from the beach. If it is low tide, many people looking for shells for their BBQ or for eating them at home.
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The park also have a very huge ferry wheel from where you have a nice view over the Tokyo bay and Disneyland. On a clear day it is even possible to see Mt. Fuji from the ferry wheel.
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The park is open the whole year and each season has it´s good and bad sites. Especially during the cherry blossom season the park is very crowded and popular but also during the summer season many school kids are having a picnic there.

Kerstin Yamane