A day full of relaxing Oedo Onsen Monogatari

A whole day where you can Relax and have a fun indoors and makes feel like your in a japanese festival.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari is a Onsen , with outdoor foot baths  , female and male Onsens , book for a massage or facial session and hang out around indoors that's themed like the Edo period, where you can play japanese festival games , rest and eat some delicious food.

The best thing is it opens at 11am until the next morning 9am, depends on the ticket , the one I purchase allows me to enter until 2am.
 The is a hotel upstairs and if you purchase the same ticket as mine you can stay longer after 2am but there will be a charge.

Easy to get to after you arrive Teleport center Station , once you get out of the station you'll see some bus stops , there you can catch a free shuttle bus to the Onsen. Make sure you walk to the right side bus stops (opposite side to Ferris wheel).

I advise you to buy advance tickets and go at a earlier time because there's not a much people there yet , so you don't have to wait much in line to enter.

Before you enter the admission line you have to put your shoes in a locker (has number on it so you remember ) then hand over your tickets or purschase them at the admission , once you get your bracelet key , which is used to lock up your belongings and use to scan when buying food, merchandise or massage and facials etc.
The key keeps track of all your spendings and you pay for the total when u leave.

Once you go the key , you go choose your Yukata , you are required to wear this while walking around so you have to change before entering the actual Onsen etc.
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Foot baths a feel to go any time of the day , it's a nice place to take photos and have a nice chat.
While the foot bath is free access , the stone room and fish foot bath requireds you to pay extra for those.

If you want to try the Fish foot bath, it's a thing that lets ring fish eat your dead skin, so you'll have nice smooth feet.

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I notice that there was a lot of anime decoration inside , they were doing a collaboration with Yuri on Ice (sadly I'm not a fan , wish it was sailor moon or Gintama). So if your a fan , lucky you~ because inside you can purschase some collaboration goods, take photos infront of the character ,  do the stamp rally or play some mini games to win some Yuri on Ice prizes.
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Inside the stalls look exactly like what you'll see at a actual japanese festival.
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Mini games are like like festival games , my favorite is the paper scooping game , inside of fish you scoop up mini character figures.
I manage to scoop myself a pikachu (I almost got a rilakkuma but the paper broke). Good thing is that you get to change your prize if you want a different one and even if you don't get one they'll give you one anyway.
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Inside you can also see some lanterns, there's a lot of food stalls , one souvenir store , candy store. Every thing requires to scan through the bracelet your given , so no hassle of bringing your wallet around.
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Games in this section has ball scooping game, figure scooping and (not sure what's is called) the game that requires you to use a pin to break the extra bits to get a shape.

*also scan to play
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A souvenir store that sells snacks , traditional theme stuff , character goods etc.
Remember to scan your bracelet at the counter and you'll get your stuff ( you pay for the stuff when u leave)

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There's also a place to play the taiko game , Mario racing kart and some crane games (there's a machine to scan for money).
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Definely play the taiko rythem game , it's extra fun when u play in a yukata , also makes a nice picture.
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Here you can find more places to buy food and the resting area.
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The balloon game, even if you can't get one yourself the staff will give you one any way , you can win yourself a tradition pattern one or a anime character balloon.
You can buy a character mask her and next to here you can play 2 mini games that wins collaboration prizes (throwing hoops and ball games).
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At night time the lights are turned on at the foot bath , it has a different feel to it compared to going for a foot dip while the sun is still out.

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Pikachu in ash hat I won from scooping game and Pikachu mirror is brought from the souvenir shop.
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can decide which balloon I want , traditional or rilakkuma , one piece or dragon ball one... 

Onsen I couldn't take any photos of it (not allowed to take photos in there because everyone is naked) but it's separated by female and male . Onsen area has a indoor and outdoor  , two sauna rooms , one misty and one for taking away your fatigue.
You can also get a facial of massage done near there too and also upstairs there's a more quiet and relaxing place to have a rest. 

Julia Lai