5 popular salt ramen shops in Hakodate!

A golden soup that attracts appetite "Rin"

The most popular "salt ramen" features golden soup. The base is pig bone, chicken straw, kelp, salt flavor is somewhat intense. The medium noodle straight noodles with Kosi are better through the throat. Domestic pork shoulder loin is used for homemade chashu. It toppings to meet the needs of customers with a portion with more greasy content and a portion not so much. Original menus such as "Za Sai Ramen" and "Oshan noodle" brought in by Taiwan directly imported are popular.
Lard floating on the surface hidden taste "Lady Men's Warrior"

The majority of the customers are local shops that are regular customers. The signboard menu is "salt ramen", melting lard floating on the soup makes me feel a faint fragrance and it has become a hidden taste to complement the taste. Pork bones, chicken coat and vegetables are used for the base of the soup. Homemade chashued with mushrooms, green onion, with ingredients flavored with thick. "Fried rice" using domestically produced rice is also popular, "Semi charset" which is a set of salt or soy sauce ramen and small fried rice is popular.
A famous shop near the JR Goryokaku station "Tachan dining room"
There are also a lot of regular customers visiting across two generations of parents and children, a famous shop near JR Goryokaku station. "Salt Ramen" boasts unchanging popularity since its foundation is a refreshing and mild taste of soup and chicken broth base soup. Naka-da straight noodles often get tangled with soup. The ingredients are homemade chashu and menma, leek, 麩. There are a lot of Hakodate citizens that they can not drink plenty of soup.
Transparent rusty salt soup "Chinese Nishizono (Sayen)"
A ramen shop in the western part of Hakodate City where there are a lot of local fans who are crowded with two friendly shopkeepers and their wife. Soup with clear, deep taste soup is featured, noodles are medium thick egg noodles lightly waved. The ingredients are unchanged green onion and menma since the establishment and two pieces of chashu. "Nagi Ramen" which contains plenty of chopped onion and sliced ​​chaisie, and "Fried rice" with solid taste which is fried in candy color are also popular.
Shrimp juice soup ramen specialty "shrimp noodles total home home"
Specialty shop of popular shrimp juice ramen in Hakodate city. Shrimp juice melts out, salt ramen "Shrimp noodle salt" impressive with a reddish soup is popular. The taste of the soup is mild, but the firm taste of the shrimp is working, the taste with punch. Straight noodles and chicken ground minced meat and cabbage are entangled well with soup. "Shrimp salt ginger" with ginger appended separately and "Shrimp curry rice" using shrimp juice are also popular.