Cute character finds at the 100 yen store - with things you never thought you'd need!

100 yen stores are a budget traveler's best friend in a lot of cases. They're located all over Japan, they sell just about anything you need to get you through your travels (from snacks to beauty supplies, toiletries and more) and they're also a brilliant spot to pick up inexpensive souvenirs. Another thing they are amazing for are cute character goods. Don't go spending a small fortune elsewhere - check your nearest 100 yen store for all that fun stuff first! Here's some of the adorableness you can find that I'd love to show you!

The cutest beauty supplies going around...

Need a shower cap? Perhaps some little containers to put travel sized amounts of your beauty supplies would be handy. Daiso has you covered! 

Handkerchiefs with Kumamon (and more!)

Handkerchiefs are handy to have when you travel - in Japan especially so, considering that some public bathrooms won't necessarily have paper towels or a hand dryer to dry your hands after washing them.

Letter sets that will light up people's letterboxes!

I love writing letters and 100 yen stores are the best for cute letter sets. From Disney Princesses to Hello Kitty, Mickey and Minnie and more - you're bound to make someone's day if you send them a letter on this cute paper!

Disney Deco Tapes

And what better way to seal up that cute envelope than with some Disney Deco Tape? They have SO many kinds at the 100 yen stores that you'll be unable to stop at just one roll of it!

Money boxes to save your yen for your next trip!

Sometimes at 100 yen stores, there are items that cost a little over that standard price range. These money boxes were 150 yen, but you gotta spend money to make money! You can use one of these to save your coins for your next trip to Japan (because let's face it - once is never enough!)

Coffee mugs to make your caffeine fix that bit sweeter

If you're like me, when you head back to work after a super fun trip it can be tough to get motivated again...I call it the post vacation downer. At least a cute mug like this on your office desk will help you get through the day (as well as the caffeine!). These were 200 yen a pop.

Chopsticks featuring Hello Kitty and Gudetama

Perfect for yourself to use, or a fun souvenir for someone - these kawaii chopsticks are only the equivalent of a buck!

And even cooking utensils with them!

I don't mind cooking, but I know several people that find it to be a chore. Well, it's a chore-no-more with these cooking utensils! You'll be able to turn your kitchen into somewhere you want to hang out!

Mickey Mouse Laundry Bags

Another chore that people don't tend to love is laundry - these delicate bags though might help to change that!

Stickers galore!

Got kids? Cute stickers seem to be a cheap and easy way to keep my little one entertained. Buy a notebook at the 100 yen store too, and let them stick the stickers on the pages - and hey presto, they're instantly occupied for a while!

Hello Kitty clips to keep your food fresh

Bags of chips half finished, or a packet of pasta that you only used a smidgen out of? These clips adorned with Hello Kitty will help to keep that stuff fresh - and look fabulous in the process.

Winnie the Pooh fan covers

I've never used one of these...but now I feel like I need one. Fan covers to stop little fingers potentially poking their way in there. Safety + character cuteness all in one!

Shoe insoles to keep your kicks comfy and cute

Trendy shoes that you don't want ruined with bland looking insoles? Problem solved!

And a kids version, too!

The fun can't just be limited to the grown ups!

Bento Box goodies

Japan is home of the bento box, and 100 yen stores have a range of great things to make functional lunches that also look amazing too. Hello Kitty and My Melody condiment cases, and Winnie the Pooh food picks? Sold!

Paper plate party supplies

No need for bland paper plates here! There were a range of amazing offerings, but my favorite would have to be the Hello Kitty plates and bowls. 

Picnic Mats

One of my favorite things about Japan is the beautiful nature - there are loads of parks all over the country that will allow you to experience it for yourself. These little picnic mats are great to buy if it's been raining and the ground outside is a little wet - you can still have your picnic comfortably and enjoy the great outdoors!

Air Fresheners

These are sticker air fresheners that are intended for use in bathrooms or on small trash cans. They also often sell car air fresheners with cute characters too!

Yes - the 100 yen store has yet again proven that they have a bit of something for everyone - and you'll probably end up buying a bunch of stuff that you didn't go in there intending to purchase. That's all part of the fun though, right?

Enjoy Japan, and Happy Shopping!

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