Tradtional Japanese Food

Japan has many interesting and delicious foods and snacks. When travelling to Japan I recommend you try as much of Japan's food as you can because it is an experience and a taste that you cannot get anywhere else. Here are some of the top Japanese food you should try:
Okonomiyaki is considered to be a savoury pancake with many ingredients, the main one being cabbage. It is a traditional dish and originated in Japan. Due to its great taste, many different ingredients and variety of flavours it is very popular among both the Japanese and the foreigners.
Takoyaki is an extremely popular, savoury Japanese snack. It is made from a wheat flour-based batter and is cooked in circular moulds to give it a ball-shaped appearance. Traditionally and most commonly it is filled with small octopus pieces along with green onion, pickled ginger and tempura scarps. It is served hot and is very delicious.
Udon is a thick wheat flour noodle that originated in Japan. It is served in a hot broth called kakejiru, which is traditionally made from dashi, soy sauce and mirin. It is often topped with pieces of meat, slices of naruto and condiments such as chopped spring onion.
Taiyaki is a Japanese cake cooked in a fish mould to give it a cute fish-shaped appearance. Traditionally and most commonly, Taiyaki is filled with a sweet red bean paste but it can also be filled with different types of custard and chocolate. Although Taiyaki fillings are usually sweet, you can also find some savoury ones that have been filled with either cheese or sweet potato. Although the Taiyaki's appearance is deceiving, it has absolutely nothing to do with fish.
Mochi is a sweet Japanese rice cake made from a short-grain glutinous rice called mochigome. It is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki but it can be bought almost anywhere. It is very popular for gifts due it how pretty the mochi looks along with its delightful taste and huge variety of fillings and colours. (Picture of mochi located bellow)
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