Food in Japan (Other than Ramen) Part I

The food in Japan is mind-blowing. Beautiful, more than anything. Thanks to the lawyers I worked with and some other friends, I got to try quite a variety. However, there is so much more to try and I can't wait to go back for more!


I never thought I'd like the taste of anything soy till a friend of mine told me I had to try Edamame. I have to admit, at first, I only tried it because I thought the way it popped out of its skin was pretty neat. Then I realised it tasted pretty good too. It was salty and it barely tasted like a healthy snack. Now I'm the one making people try it! I'm told it tastes even better with beer.


I had the privilege of trying out Sushi at a couple of different places in Japan. The first time I had Sushi in Japan was at Itamae Sushi at Akasaka, Tokyo. We ordered the variety platter with 9 different types of Sushi and an Onigiri. It was a set meal and it came with Miso soup and salad. Of the 9 types, my favourite ones were the tuna, the salmon, the Tamago (egg), the prawn and the Ikura (roe of salmon) ones. Though the restaurant is not completely Japanese (it is HongKong-based), it tasted really good.

I also tried out Chirashizushi at this restaurant in Akasaka which specialises in Kyushu food. The Chirashizushi is like a sushi bowl (sort of like a burrito bowl). Everything they served in the restaurant looked yum but I was pleased with my order- the fish was so fresh and tasty.

The next time was at a small Kaiten Sushi bar in Ueno. It was mostly Makizushi and it wasn't as great as the first time. The last time I had Sushi was at another small Izakaya in Kakegawa, near Shizuoka. It was here I realised how good the tuna Sushi is! Definitely getting tuna next time!

Udon and Soba

The first time I went to a Soba restaurant, I ordered hot Soba and when it arrived, I did not know how to eat it. It came with chopsticks and something that looked like a serving tool made of wood and a couple of random bowls. After some help, I understood that the soup is had separately for the most part. Apart from the initial confusion, it was an amazing experience and the noodles turned out being grey!

Udon is my favourite type of noodles. It is similar to Soba but it is made of wheat and is really thick. It has a taste of its own. I prefer Udon over Soba!


I ended up eating a lot of Sashimi during my stay in Japan. I have had Sashimi in India but it tastes a whole lot different in Japan. Firstly, the presentation is out of this world. And then there's the taste. I wouldn't be wrong if I said the fish melts in your mouth. There's a magic in the way they cut the fish which is nearly impossible to replicate by a non-Japanese chef. 
(The Sashimi in the picture is from a Kyushu Restaurant in Chiba)

Oh, and Japanese rice is so tasty we just had to bring a bag back to India! (Thank you for the rice from your fields, Mori-San!)

Rachana Vijayathilakan