Japan's hottest accessory trends for fall

Japan is a country that is always incredibly on trend when it comes to fashion. Accessories are included in this, and as the seasons change so do people's perceptions of what is in style. Here are some of the accessories that are currently shaping up to be big across the fall and winter months that you might want to check out  - some may surprise you!

Leather waist belts - particularly corset style!

Corsets are one fashion item that has a long history, first becoming truly popular back in 1600's Europe. They were seen as an indispensable part of women's fashion back then, and have been incorporated into all manner of clothing pieces since - from dresses to lingerie. Leather waist belts are popular this season, and many stores are really bringing back that corset, lace-up look to their pieces. A great way to incorporate them into an outfit is with a military styled green jacket like in the picture below - it maintains the casual vibe, but brings the chic! If you want to try out a waist belt yourself, Earth, Music and Ecology have a couple available right now, including faux leather and even chambray corset belt styles!

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There is also the non-corset leather look waist belt, which are more of a wraparound style which you tie in the front. Interestingly, elsewhere in the world they're called Obi Belts - just like the sash that you use to tie around your kimono. 

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Large earrings

Go big or go home, right? On their way out are minimalist, dainty earrings - and in are the big, bold and dynamic pieces. Right now you'll see a lot of mixed colors, textures and materials being used on earrings, which makes for an eye catching statement piece in itself. The earrings below are paired with a simple, wire band beaded necklace, but you could honestly wear just the earrings alone and still pack a punch when it comes to interesting accessories.

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Detachable Collars

You may think Edwardian when you see some of these collars, and they say that fashions recycle themselves - so you may well be right. Detachable collars are shaping up to be all the rage in the coming months - whether it's lace, crochet, faux fur or even pearl collars, they add a bit of elegance to an outfit as well as versatility. You can mix and match according to what suits your outfit the best! These particular vintage inspired collars are from a Shimokitazawa store called Tsumugu Vintage - if you want to pop in and have a look at what they have, you can find them at 2 Chome-29-12 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo 155-0031.

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Velour Clutches and Bags

When you think velour, you might think of bathrobes or your grandma's super retro curtains - but it's coming back in a much trendier way. Velour clutches and bags are becoming the next big thing in Japan, and you'll find them at a number of retailers right now. One example are the clutches below at Earth Music and Ecology, but they're definitely not the only store that you can snag a clutch or bag at.
Velour is even sneaking its way onto other accessories, such as these earrings. Maybe starting small will make the velour trend easier to embrace for you!
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Lace Chokers

The choker trend has been a bit of a worldwide phenomenon in the last couple of years, but these lace ones add a really feminine touch. If lace isn't your thing, there are still plenty of other choker styles at a lot of Japan's fashion retailers - from leather to velvet, velour and more. If you have your heart on a lace one, there is a similar style to the picture at Earth, Music and Ecology.

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Stone-look jewelry

Stone-look jewelry is something that a lot of fashion retailers in Japan are into right now. Whether it be as a part of necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets, these pieces are rocking right now (if you pardon the pun). This particular collection is at the Japanese clothing store Beams, and the pieces looks fantastic with a dark manicure!

Statement bib necklaces

In a similar style to the detachable collars, statement bib necklaces are also making it big at this time of the year. Some are simply made of fabric, others are beaded, but either way one thing is for sure - they are an easy way to accessorize a simple white shirt or tee. It's also great because you can dress up the same clothing piece multiple times just by wearing a different bib necklace, and no one will know that it's not a different shirt!

Bolo Necklaces

Bolo necklaces (or bolo ties, as they're sometimes called) are often seen as Western wear in the United States - think cowboy boots and a hat paired with a flannel shirt and you've got the right idea. Japan has embraced the bolo necklace trend for the fall months but given a lot of designs a distinctly kawaii feel. The one in the picture below can be purchased from Beams Japan - it will set you back a smidgen over 7500 yen, though (about $70 US dollars). But come on - those cats?! Too cute!

Metallic-Look Jewelry

Faux metal jewelry is also proving to be popular this season. These particular earrings were from Beams - and they're also on track with the trend above for large statement earrings this fall and leading into winter. A range of colors are popping up, such as this beautiful emerald green, dark teals, and ruby reds. They're a great way to give a stylish pop of color to an otherwise dark toned outfit.

Fluffy Bags

This bag by Beams is aptly named the Monster Market tote. The designer said that in the process of creating the piece, they had a monster in mind - hence the fuzzy appearance. It's completely faux fur, so there are no worries there...no monsters were harmed in the making of this bag. This particular tote retails for just over 15,000 yen (or about $150 US, give or take a little for the exchange rate) but you'll find cheaper alternatives that are just as unique in a number of stores around Japan. 
PC: http://www.beams.co.jp

I hope you've enjoyed getting a glimpse into some of the interesting accessories that are popping up across Japanese stores at the moment. If you're game, give some of them a try when you're out shopping on your vacation - you'll know that you'll be right on trend for fall.

Happy Shopping, and enjoy Japan!

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