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If your a fan of the korean fashion brand CHUU (like me) or simply want to buy something different to what you can buy from your usual shopping brands , but can't go to seoul or the online shipping is too expensive, lucky for you , if your in Harajuku, this month  , you can purchase official CHUU clothing (straight from Korea) at Skyroom , locationed on top of the BUBBLES Harajuku store.
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The limited time pop up store, is only until 1st to 28th September , i went a few days after the opening date , which was much better because i avoid waiting in a long line and when straight up the store without waiting.

Not only that I always love their clothes but their banner too , it's super cute in pink and the way they advertise there style
Lovely 80%
Sweet 40%
Girlish 50%
Unique 65%
Friendly 70%
CHUU 100%

It's cute and kinda gives a little knowledge of their brand to the people that don't know their style.
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While walking up (feeling super excited) , you can see the posters adveristing the pop up store , so you know that your in the right place , but it's not hard when u can see the big banner , once you arrive the Harajuku BUBBLES store.
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*Sorry I couldn't take a full photo because a lot of people were taking photos in this area.

Anyways once you arrive the top this is the first thing you see a big pink umbrella and a bunch of flamingo floats , better be quick to take a cool photo , that gives a cute pink summoner vibe.
One thing I regret is not going earlier and taking a selfie with the models (if your familiar with their model for the brand , like me you'll regret not going early and take a photo with them , because they're all so cute and pretty .
A shame that I actually saw one the CHUU model leaving  when I as almost there , later on their Instagram , the lucky people that went earlier got a chance to take photos with the models (>< so lucky).
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The real excitement comes when u see the shop , if you notice on the pillow you can see CHUU -5kg Jeans, if your familiar with the brand (like me) , you'll know that their best selling and collection is the -5kg jeans , if I had to recommend something you to buy is the -5kg jeans , the jeans a super comfy and you look super nice wearing them ( in my opinion the one I've brought is one of my favourite jeans I own)
But seriously their clothing line is really fashionable and cute, so I really want to recommend buying everything haha.
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Step inside for the cuteness !!
I notice that the series that they were selling was their Strawberry Milk series , if your a fan of strawberries this is the best choice for you.
But one thing I notice is that the price is a bit higher than the original korean prices.
But it's definely cheaper then buying online ,  plus the shipping.
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Address: SKYROOM 
Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae, 4 Chome−32−12, 1F

Date: 9/1 - 9/28

Julia Lai