Dive into the World of Virtual Reality in Shinjuku

On July 14 the VR Zone Shinjuku opened its doors to all people who love games and want to dive into a completely new world with the virtual reality technique. Let us take a look on this unique entertainment center.
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What is VR?

First we should know what VR actually is. VR stands for Virtual Reality and is one of the newest techniques in the computer world. It brings you into a 3D world where you can interact via a special headset and some input tracking. Compare it with going to a 3D movie in cinema where you can become one of the main actors.


Attractions at VR Zone Shinjuku

At VR Zone Shinjuku you can try out 15 version of these games on 3.600 m² on two floors. All is operated by the Bandai Namco Entertainment. 
  • Dragon Ball VR: Master the Kamehameha
Which anime fan doesn’t know Dragon Ball and ever wanted to do a real Kamehameha. You can feel you body shaking while this strong attack and fight in a battle with friends.
  • Test the limits of you courage! Hanechari (Winged Bicycle)
Hanechari is a winged bicyle which makes you able to freely fly through an amazing scenery. You have to pedal with your legs, can feel the wind around you and will feel like flying in reality.
  • Mario Kart Arcade GP VR
One of all game arcade’s highlight is the popular Mario Kart game. At the VR Zone you can experience the race in a totally new world including the traps and tricks you already know.
  • Evangelion VR: The Throne of Souls
Fans of Evagelion will be able to be a pilot of EVA for the first time in VR history at this attraction. You will enter a special sensory machine and feel like inside a real cockpit – and then it is time for a fight!
  • Dinosaur Survival Run: Jungle of Despair
On a standing scooter you are riding through a forbidden jungle on the search for survivers of a crashed plane. But suddenly dinosaurs appear, the battery of your scooter runs low. What will happen to you? Can you make it back to the base alive?
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  • Fishing VR: GIJIESTA
Fishing in real live is boring? Then let’s try it in the virtual reality! Catch all the fishes around you and compete with your friends. 
  • VR-AT Simulator: Armored Trooper Votoms Battlin Dudes
At this simulator you feel like riding a scopedog and experience a one-on-one battle. Through the detailed machine the cockpit looks like real and it will definitely be an awesome fight.
  • Interactive Cinematic VR Attraction: Argyle Shift
A giant robot fighting in a battle – enter the cockpit and feel this scene in a shockingly realistic sensation with the help of the specialized machine at VR Zone.
  • Gundam VR: Daiba Assault
Ever wished to fight inside a gundam? Here you can be in the middle of an attack on the life-sized Gundam in Odaiba – and it will feel totally real!
  • Extreme Courage Test Machine: The Big Fear of Heights Experience
Afraid of heights? It is time for a challenge! Will you have the courage to walk 200 meters above the ground or will your feet be frozen?
  • Immersive Horror Room: Hospital Escape Terror
For all the horror lovers, here you find a haunted house where you really get attacked. Two to four people have to find the way out together – will you survive?
  • Steep Downhill Ski Simulator: Ski Rodeo
Bring skiing to a higher level – different routes will take you to the goal and the sensory machine you are using at the attraction brings you a very real experience.
  • Futuristic Warfare Arena: Ghost in the Shell: Arise Stealth Hounds
A coming soon activity as must-visit for all Ghost in the Shell fans. Up to 8 players can walk freely in a arena and shoot down enemies in team battles.
  • Giant Balloon Burst Room: Panic Cube
Imagine you are looked inside a prison and a balloon inside is getting bigger and bigger. Together with other players you have to solve different missions to escape.
  • Virtual Resort Activity: Trap climbing / Niagara drop
You have to get active to climb up a 7 meter high bouldering wall while virtual traps are falling down. Then slide down the Niagara falls with a special projection mapping.
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On the official website you can find short information about every activity with pictures of the game and also the gadgets used for creating the VR experience. With this you already can get prepared for what will happen and decide which activities you want to try out yourself.
For sure, you also find food and drinks at the VR Zone. At the Virtual Resort Café & Diner GLAMPER’S you can order several dishes, also including a special menu with pac-man design.

Admission and Ticket Prices 

VR Zone Shinjuku is open all year from 10:00 to 22:00. Last entry is set to 21:00 and also the final admission to the attractions is set to 21:30. However, be prepared that some attractions might be closed earlier depending on the number of people lining up for it. 
The ticket system is very complex, but I try to give you an overview about it here. First comes the admission ticket, which is 800 yen for adults and 500 yen for children under 13 years old which at least have two guardians over 18 with them. Children under 6 years are free of admission.
It is recommended by Bandai to purchase a 1 day/4 Ticket set in advance before your visit. You can do this online or via a special VR ZONE app on your mobile phone. Notice, that these tickets are not available anymore for the day if online reservation is completely booked and you probably can’t enter the attraction you would like to do. This ticket costs 4,400 yen and allows you to use four activities split up in four different colored tickets. You can only use one of each color.   
Furthermore you can buy door tickets for some activities after entry for 1,000 yen to 1,200 yen.
Check out all the information on the official website.

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How to get there

The VR Zone Shinjuku is located inside a temporary building at Tokyo’s amusement district Kabukicho. If you are close by, you can’t miss the building. The closest station is Seibu Shinjuku Station, however, you can also reach it within a 7 minutes’ walk from the east exist of JR Shinjuku Station or an about 10 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro stations Shinjuku-sanchome or Higashi-Shinjuku. 
Address: 東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1-29-1  | Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kabuki-cho 1-29-1
Website: VR Zone Shinjuku
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