What is McDonald's Like in Japan? A Complete Guide

Tired of Japanese food? Well... You came to the right article! I will teach you how to order food at McDonald's. For Japanese, I am going to write the readings of kanji in parenthesis. At the bottom, I'm going to write in both romaji and English translation.

1. When you go to order, the first thing the cashier will say is:


「irashaimase! Ten-nai de omeshiagari desu ka?」

"Welcome!! Is this going to be for here?"

If yes, say: はい hai

If no, say: いいえ iie

2. Show coupons if you have any

Coupons can be found either on app, twitter, or paper coupons. For app and twitter coupons, say the number on the coupon or just show it to the cashier.

The coupons on app looks like this

IMG_1976.PNG 151.27 KB

If you have Japanese iTunes account, here's the link that can get you to download an app: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/%E3%83%9E%E3%82%AF%E3%83%89%E3%83%8A%E3%83%AB%E3%83%89-mcdonalds-japan/id413618155?l=en&mt=8

I recommend that you get an app because there's new coupons every week.

This is what coupons from twitter looks like:

IMG_1977.PNG 202.25 KB

You can follow McDonald's Japan from here: https://mobile.twitter.com/mcdonaldsjapan

McDonald's don't give out much coupons on twitter but it's good to check it out!!

Paper coupons can be found when you purchased food at McDonald's.

3. Start ordering what you want! And if you want a special order(like no onions or more pickles) it's best to say it right after you say your order!

Go to.... 

1) for those that just want to grab some snacks

2) for drinks 

3) desserts

4) Burgers(both sandwich and combo) 

5) Happy meal

6) How to order special order

1) Here are some of the cheap menus on McDonald's, which is called おてごろメニュー
The price are written below the name of each item.

IMG_1978.PNG 128 KB

Menu on the left side:

Shogayaki burger(Yakki)

Chicken cheese burger(Chikichee)


*Shakachiki with red pepper flavored seasoning

Menu on the right side:

Egg Cheese burger(Eggchi)

S size French fries(in Japanese, it's called potato)

*Shakachiki with cheddar cheese seasoning

Hot apple pie

Here are the little bit pricy food
IMG_1985.PNG 65.16 KB

Menu on the left side:

*Chicken McNuggets 5 pieces(choose BBQ and/or mustard sauce)

*Side salad(can choose goma (sesame)or Tamanegi (onion) dressing)

Menu on the right side:

*Chicken McNuggets 15 pieces(choose 3 BBQ or mustard sauce or combination of both)

Sweet Corn

If you order the ones with *, they'd use the this phrase to ask you which flavor you want:


「_______(menu)wa _____ (flavor #1) to______(flavor #2) ga gozaimasuga」

"For ____, there's _____ or _____. Which ones would you like?"

And of course, you'd say the ones you want.

2) Here are the list of drinks that McDonald's offer:

IMG_1981.PNG 120.95 KB

Left side:

Coca Cola Zero


Fanta Melon

Right side

coca cola

Fanta grape

Qoo(it's white grape juice)

IMG_1982.PNG 134.33 KB

Left side:

Sokenbicha(Japanese tea)

*Hot tea (lemon or milk or straight)

Minute Maid Orange juice


IMG_1983.PNG 100.15 KB

Left side:

**Hot coffee


caramel latte

Right side:

*Cafe Latte

Cafe Mocha

**Ice coffee

IMG_1984.PNG 56.99 KB

Left side:

*Ice cafe latte

Ice caramel latte

Right side:

Ice cafe mocha

For the ones with *, they will ask you for sugar for hot drinks and syrup for cold drinks. For the ones with **, they will ask you for sugar or syrup and milk. This is the phrase that they'll use:


「Milk ka satou/syrup wa ikagadesuka?」

"Would you like milk and sugar/syrup for your drink?"                   



「Milk to satou/syrup ohitotsuzutsu de yoroshiidesuka?」

"Is it ok if we give you one of each?"

They will give you as many as you like.(usually 3 each for maximum)

For one, it's:
一つ(ひとつ) hitotsu

Two: 二つ(ふたつ) futatsu

Three: 三つ(みっつ) Mitsu

3) Here are the menus for dessert.

IMG_1970.PNG 111.42 KB

Left side:

Strawberry sundae

Mcfloat Coffee

Cream soda(Melon soda float)

Puchi pancake

Right side:

Chocolate sundae

Mcfloat coke

Hot apple pie

I recommend that you get Cream soda because I believe it's only in Japan and many restaurants do serve cream soda but it's usually really expensive!!(usually about 500~700 yen)

IMG_1986.PNG 1.75 MB

Left side:

Mcshake Chocolate

Mcflurry oreo

Right side:

Mcshake Vanilla

Mcshake Strawberry

Soft Twist(can be served with cup if asked)

4) It can be little confusing for burgers because there are sandwich(just burgers) and combo(if you pay extra 300 yen, it'll come with a side and a drink). Here are the menus for burgers.
IMG_1964.PNG 144.09 KB

Left side:

Tsukimi burger(limited edition)

Mangetsu cheese Tsukimi 

Gran bacon cheese 

Big Mac 

Right side:

Cheese tsukimi

Gran Clubhouse

gran teriyaki

Double cheese burger

IMG_1965.PNG 143.04 KB

Left side:

Teriyaki mac burger

Chicken filet-o

Ebi filet-o (shrimp filet-o)

Egg cheese burger

Right side:


Bacon lettuce burger

Shogayaki burger

Chicken cheese burger

When you just want to order a burger, this what you will say:


「________no tanpin wo kudasai」

"May I get_____ for sandwich?"


For combo, this is what you'll say:


「________no set wo kudasai」

"May I get________for combo?"

Then they'll either say:


「side wa potato de yoroshiidesuka? 」

"Would you like to have French fries for your side?"



「Kochirakara side to drink wo oerabi kudasai」

"Please select side and drink from here(pointing to the side and drink section of menu)."

This is what you can choose for side:

IMG_1966.PNG 95.68 KB

Menu translation and sauce(for nuggets) dressing for side salad is on 1)

For ①、if you say "hai" (yes)

They'll select medium size french fries. You can also select small size French fries for -50 yen and large size French fries for +50 yen. When you want one of these size for French fries, this is what you'll need to say:


「potato____size de onegai shimasu」

For ②、you just have to say the side you want, or you can point at the menu.

Then choose the drink you want:
IMG_1981.PNG 120.95 KB
IMG_1982.PNG 134.33 KB
IMG_1983.PNG 100.15 KB
IMG_1984.PNG 56.99 KB

Menu translation is on 2)

IMG_1987.PNG 110.15 KB

This tells you that if you pay extra, you can either get larger size or certain drinks.

It says:

+20 yen to change to larger size

Size cannot be changed for Lipton, Apple juice, and milk.

+30 yen for Mcfiz. (It's a flavored sprite) limited edition drinks

+40 yen for cafe mocha or caramel latte small size

+60 yen for cafe mocha or caramel latte medium size, mcfloat, or cream soda

+90 yen for limited edition mcfloat.

6) Do you hate onions that you really can't stand it? Or do you love pickles so much that you want to eat alot ? Many people knows that you can always say no sauce, no onions, etc but did you know that you can also say more pickles, sauce? And it's free!! :D Or you can say little bit of onions, sauce, etc!!
And also, you can also say no ice for your drink and no salt or more salt on French fries!!

The Japanese word for no topping is 抜き(ぬき) nuki. So if you don't like onions, you'd say オニオン(おにおん)抜き.

For little toppings, it's ________少なめ(すくなめ) sukuname

For more, it's________ 多め(おおめ) ome

you can say the name of the toppings in English!! So onion, pickles, lettuce, sauce, mustard, ketchup.... etc.

4. Time to pay!

After you finish saying your order, the cashier will say:


「hoka ni gochumon gozaimasenka?」

"Anything else?"

If no, then they'll say the price and ask you if you have either D point card or Rakuten point card.

「D ポイントカード(ぽいんとかーど)か楽天(らくてん)ポイントカードお持(も)ちですか?」

「D point card ka rakuten point card omochi desuka?」

Both of them are point card and you can earn a point for every 100 yen you spent. You can use these points as money. These point cards can be used at other stores as well.

It can be payed with one of these:

IMG_1989.PNG 174.88 KB

These are called 電車マネー(denshi money) which means electric bill. You charge money into these card so you don't have to carry around cash. The first row, you can earn points which can be used as cash. The 2nd row can be used as transportation as well. Unfortunately, most McDonald's in Japan don't accept debit or credit card... Make sure you let the cashier know when you're paying with these cards. 

The cashier will give you a receipt with number on it, and when the food is ready, they'll call you that number. Don't worry if you don't know the numbers in Japanese. Most McDonalds have monitor that shows the number that just got called so just make sure to check it! 

I hope this can be helpful and GOOD LUCK!! :) 

Mai Oga