Japan's Top 5 Amusement Parks

Japan has a multitude of amusement parks and attractions along its islands. So now, we will see the 5 most popular and visited during 2017 ...

1. Tokyo Disney Resort

Inaugurated in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney park built outside the United States. And although it is the same style as its brothers in California and Florida, this park is not run by Disney, but is coordinated by the Oriental Land Company under the license of the Walt Dinsey Company. It is located on an artificial peninsula created on the coast of Urayasu (Chiba), very close to Tokyo. There we found not one, but two amusement parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, plus several hotels and shopping areas.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is divided into seven zones, each with a different style. We can find Bazaar World, a commercial area mimicking the aesthetics typical of United States avenues in the early twentieth century, with steam railways and various attractions such as the Penny Arcade. In second place we have Fantasyland, where the legendary castle of Cinderella resides, icon of Disney. This area is set in medieval times, with princesses and princes everywhere. Among the attractions of this place we want to highlight the Haunted Mansion, the flight of Peter Pan and Alice's Tea Party.

Another set in the forests of the North Pacific is Critter Country. This area was opened exclusively for the Splash Mountain water attraction. And set in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?, we have Toontown, which transports us in the late 40's as the setting of the film. There we can find the house of Mickey and Minnie among other attractions.

Adventureland, with its New Orleans style brings us thrilling rides like the Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise or the haunted Tiki Room, with Stich as the protagonist. With Tomorrowland we are transported to a future not so far away with Space Mountain, Buzz Ligthyear's Astro Blasters or the newly opened Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek. Finally, we find the area set in the far west, Westernland. It is connected to Adventureland through the Western River Railroad attraction. Other attractions include Big Thunder Mountain, Mark Twain Riverboat and Country Bear Theater.

Usually, we always associate the Disney theme with a children's audience or families with small children. But besides being a franchise very adored by the Japanese public of any age, we find the second park of the resort. Tokyo DisneySea is a park more focused on teenagers and adults, with maritime themes and faster and more exciting attractions. Like its neighbor, it has 7 differentiated areas called ports.
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Tokyo DisneySea

The port by which we access the park is the Mediterranean port. Set in an Italian coastal city, it has Venetian gondolas, several shops and a nighttime demonstration of lights and effects that we can observe before leaving the park. We also have another area set in early twentieth-century America, the American Waterfront. We are from a recreation of New York Harbor to the Broadway Theater. Remarkable attractions include Tower of Terror and Turtle Talk with Crush from Nemo.

On the other hand, Lost River Delta transports us to the South American coast, with Inca inspirations. There we found the attractions of Indiana Jones and Ragin Spirits. Nor could it lack the futuristic side, with the Port Discovery. Next to the Time Control Center, we find the attractions of StormRider and Aquatopia. And as we mentioned before, being a park more focused on adult audiences, we found a port specifically aimed at the children's audience set in The Little Mermaid. Mermaid Lagoon is a colorful and bright area with attractions suitable for the little ones, such as Jumpin 'Jellyfish, The Whirlpool or Ariel's Playground.


  •     Access: 
        From Tokyo take the JR Keiyo or JR Musahino line and get off at the Maihama station.
  •     Schedule:
        8:00 - 22:00
  •     Price:
        Entrance 1 day (only to one of the parks): 7,400 ¥ adults / 6,400 ¥ from 12 to 17 years old / 4,800 ¥ children.
        Entrance 2 days (one day to each park): 13,200 ¥ adults / 11,600 ¥ from 12 to 17 years / 8,600 ¥ children.

2. Universal Studios Japan

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Since 2001 we can find in Osaka one of the three theme parks of the Universal Studios franchise. Although its visitors are essentially national, it was one of the most successful parks in its first year of operation. Usually new attractions are usually released, and some of them are of limited duration, using recent films or video games both international and Japanese. As for example Biohazard (Resident Evil), Monster Hunter or One Piece.

As usual, it is divided into different areas of different themes. In this case we have until 10: New York with the attractions of Spiderman and Terminator, San Francisco with Gru my favorite villain and Backdraft, and Hollywood with a multitude of attractions inspired by the world of cinema.

In addition to the city-inspired areas, we have areas inspired by specific films such as Jurasic Park, Water World, Amity Village inspired by the Shark movie or even The Magical Oceania recreating Peter Pan's Neverland country. we have the area of ​​Universal Wonderland, with characters as well known as Snoopy, Hello Kitty and Sesame Street.

Also, we can find a large lake in the middle of the park, where some shows take place. And a three-storey shopping center linking the train station with the entrance of the park. There are also shops, several restaurants and a 10-screen cinema, as well as a museum dedicated to takoyaki, a typical Osaka dish.
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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

But without a doubt, the most recent and well-known by all is the magic zone of Harry Potter. It is such the attraction that we need to reserve the time of access to this area in advance. There we will be able to walk around the Hogsmeade area and go shopping to the Diagon alley to enter Olivanders to buy our own wand. The other section of this area is Hogwarts Castle itself. There we can access inside the castle to visit its rooms and recreate the magic saga, or climb to the star attractions: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and the flight at Hypogriff.


  • Access:
    From Ōsaka, take the JR Ōsaka Loop Line and transfer at the Nishikujo station to the JR Yumesaki line, getting off at Universal City Station.
  • Schedule:
    Monday to Friday: 8:30 - 21:00
    Weekends: 8:30  - 22:00
  • Price:
    Admission 1 day: 7,400 ¥ adults / 4,980 ¥ children.
    Admission 2 days: 12,450 ¥ adults / 8,420 ¥ children.

3.  Fuji-Q Highland

Near the skirt of Mount Fuji we find this amusement park open since 1968. Fuji-Q Highland stands out for its many roller coasters, and also has two famous terror attractions: an enchanted hospital and the new Hopeless Fortress. Many of the attractions of this park are inspired by anime type mecha (or robots) like Gundam or Evangelion. The children's area, called Thomas Land, is inspired by the popular Thomas series and his friends.

Of its roller coasters we highlight the Fujiyama of 79 meters high and reaches speeds of up to 130 km / h, Dodonpa 52 meters high and 172 km / h, Eejanaika with 76 meters and 126 km / h with seats rotating 360 degrees and Takabisha with 1000 meters in length and including a free fall of 121 degrees. Eejanaika, who could translate as "And why not?" Has a Guinness record for being the roller coaster that turns the bodies more times (up to 14 times), leaving the travelers face down.
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The park stands out for its views of Mount Fuji that can be appreciated while you ride in the attractions. In addition, in the vicinity of the park we can find other activities. There is a museum with free entrance for those who have the freepass of the park that usually exposes multitude of paintings and illustrations of Mount Fuji. We also find Fujiyama Onsen, traditional thermal baths with both indoor and outdoor wood facilities.


  • Access:
    From Tokyo take the JR Chūō rapidservice line and get off at Ōtsuki, from there take the transfer to Fuji-Q Highland Station.
  • Schedule:
    Monday to Friday: 9:00  to 17:00
    Weekends: 9:00  - 18:00
  • Price:
    Only entrance paying the attractions to part: 1,500 ¥ adults / 1,500 ¥ from 12 to 17 years / 900 ¥ children.
    Freepass 1 day: 5,700 ¥ adults / 7,500 ¥ from 12 to 17 years old / 4,300 ¥ children.
    Freepass 2 days (one day to each park): 9,300 ¥ adults / 8,400 ¥ from 12 to 17 years / 7,200 ¥ children.

4. Rusutsu resort

Rusutsu is the largest resort we can find in Hokkaidō. Between its ski slopes and golf courses we find a park with more than 60 attractions, including 8 roller coasters. In addition to an aquatic area that opens in summer and a camping area.

This park includes other leisure activities depending on the time of year such as horse riding or cycling, or snowmobiling. Although the park is closed during the snow season, it is certainly attractive to visit the resort at any time of the year thanks to its idyllic location.
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  •  Access:
    From Sapporo, the bus to Lake Toya stops at Rusutsu. It is also accessible by train to Kutchan Station and there a bus to the resort.
  • Schedule:
    The park is closed from the end of October until the end of April.
     Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 16:30
     Weekends: 9:00 - 17:00 
     In summer: 9:00 - 20:30
  • Price:
    Entrance 1 day to the park: 4,800 ¥ adults / 3,800 ¥ children.
    Entrance 1 day to the ski area: 5,300 ¥ adults / 2,650 ¥ children.

5. Nagashima Spa Land

Open since 1966, it has a total of 45 attractions of which 12 are roller coasters. But certainly one of its icons to highlight is the Aurora Wheel. It is a large 90 meter high and 83 meters in diameter that has become the emblem of this amusement park. And until relatively recently, his roller coaster Steel Dragon owned the well deserved title of the longest roller coaster in the world. It has a distance of 2,479 meters, almost two and a half kilometers in which speeds of 150 km / h are reached. In addition to its maximum height of 97 meters and inclined slopes of 68 degrees, an exciting journey.

Within the park we can also find the Anpanman museum. An area dedicated to the little ones totally characterized by the popular children's series. In addition, during the summer months it opens its aquatic complex. Practically another whole park completely filled with slides, pools and refreshing attractions. This place is tremendously popular and certainly is the place of reference for students during their summer vacation.
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  • Access:
    From Ōsaka or Kyoto, take the train from Kinsetsu company to Kuwana station.
  • Schedule:
    Monday to Friday: 9:30 - 17:00
    Weekends: 9:30 - 18:00, 19:30 or 21:00 (depending on the month or if there are special events).
  • Price:
    Entry: 800 ¥ adults / 500 ¥ students / 300 ¥ small children.

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