Unique Soft Serve? Definitely You Can Find Only in Japan

Anyone likes to eat dessert especially soft serve. Hundred of soft serve flavours to fulfil our needs in the world. Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla are the most common flavours. Today, I would like to introduce 10 unique soft serve flavours that you can find it only in Japan. Dare to attempt? Prepare yourselves for gustatory rollercoaster experience when you go to Japan. 

1. Kombu (Dried Seaweed) Flavour
Kombu is dried edible sea kelp that important to Japanese cuisine. But now, this is used in making soft serve.  It is really surprise you when you have a bite. The texture of Kombu is soft and creamy, but it’s a bit salty. Overall, I like it so much. You need to try it at Scoton Cape, Hokkaido’s Rebun Island or Konbukan near Onuma Quasi National Park Hakodate. 
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2. Wasabi Flavour
 Wasabi is become a part of Japanese food culture. It is similar as Kimchi is a part of Korean’s life. If you have ever eaten sushi, you are definitely know about what is the taste of wasabi. The spicy that burns through the nose. However, you can’t imagine a strong wasabi taste can make soft serve. The wasabi soft serve has a sweetness with spicy aftertaste. Dare to try? You can find it at Izu, Shizuoka prefecture, Nagano prefecture or some tourist spots. 
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3. Ikasumi (Squid Ink) Flavour
 My mother like to cook squid in pastas or curry. Normally, squid ink is used as food colouring and flavour. I have no idea squid ink can make as dessert. They make delicious ice-cream that is free of additives and fishy-tasting with freshest cream. You can get squid ink ice-cream in Tonjibo, Hokkaido, Tsukiji market or across Japan. aftertaste. 
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4. Shirasu (Whitebait) Flavour
Shirasu is young sardines, a type of whitebait that often mixed with soy sauce and served with rice. It’s popular local food in Shizuoka as well. If mix it in soft serve….Hmm…. Do you have any idea what the taste is? It’s very good, soft, pure, creamy and no fishy. When you bite into a morsel of whitebait, crunchy texture is surprise you.  Excited? Try it at Tsukiji market, Tokyo when you get there.
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5. Olive Flavour
 Olive oil is getting popular in Japan and it has become a regular item in kitchen. Now, olive oil can use in making soft serve. Kagawa is a place where olives are produced in Japan. There have many beautiful olive trees which use to produce olive products including dessert. Olive leaves are used in making olive soft serve. Try this unique olive soft serve in Shodo Island. 
 Moromi is soy sauce mash from which soy sauce is pressed. Usually it is used as a vegetable dip for Japanese. What is the taste if moromi uses in making soft serve? Salty? It’s is a bit sweet and the taste like miso. The cream is so soft and smooth. You may check this out in Beppu, Oita prefecture.  
Jellyfish is edible seafood which can be prepared in making sushi, main courses and even soft serve. Can you imagine how the weird chewy-crunchy texture can turn into a soft and smooth soft serve? Yes, it’s possible. Jellyfish contains collagen, low calorie food, and healthy food. Not surprise that it can use in making soft and creamy jellyfish soft serve. Go to grab it at Kamo Aquarium in Tsuruoka, Yamagata prefecture where jellyfish soft serve is their best-selling item.
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8. Senbei Flavour
 Senbei is popular Japanese snack that made from rice. Now, this senbei is used to make soft serve and it is very popular in Japan especially in Niigata, the leading area for rice production.  The texture of senbei soft serve is really good. They use high quality milk and rice cake to make senbei soft serve. A special soy sauce use to add the texture on the top of soft serve. Go to try this unique soft serve in Senbei Oukoku, Niigata, where only 15 minute walk away from Niizaki station. 
It is unbelievable if seafood can turn into desert. However, in Niigata prefecture, a store has provided a new local delicacy for attracting more visitors to that area. It is shrimp soft serve. Yes, they use shrimp in making soft serve. A vanilla soft serve flavoured with miso soup powder and served with senbei rice cracker and two shrimps. The balance between its salty and sweet flavours will quickly melt into your mouth. 

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10. Volcanic Ash Vanilla Flavour
Japan has natural hot springs because of its volcanic nature. The most famous hot spring is Hakone, Owakudani. There are popular soft serve blackened with volcanic ash. The taste like vanilla but the color is black with powdery texture and it is quite similar to frozen yogurt.
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Do not care what the season now is, you can enjoy chilled soft serve everyday even winter season. The important is try many unique of flavours you like. Will you dare to try this amazing soft serve flavours? Go to conquer all the flavours mentioned above in Japan. You will definitely no regret to try it. 
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