Kagari Ramen Tokyo Ginza - Thick CREAMY Chicken Booth, highly recommended by locals!

Every time I travel to Tokyo, my last night dinner must be  篝かがり Kagari Ramen. 
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It is hidden at one of the back streets in Ginza district, relatively easy to find as long as you identify the landmark places in Ginza.  What I would suggest ... look for APPLE STORE, it is around the corner opposite to a up-stair coffee store.  If you have located yourself around there, look for the long queue and you won't miss it.  It usually has around 20+ people queuing on line.  To be warned, the waiting takes 1-2 hours because there are only 9 seats in the store, however, it is totally worth of the wait.

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Chef Kashima is the master chef here, serving his Soba every day in the store.  Here are the soba choices, my choice is always to vote for Creamy Chicken Soba.  

· (鶏白湯SOBA) Creamy Chicken Soba - Regular¥950 large ¥1050 
· (煮干醤油SOBA) Boiled Soy Sauce Soba - Regular ¥900 large ¥1000 
· (煮干つけ SOBA) Boiled  Dipping Soba - Regular · Large ¥1000 / Special ¥1100
· (濃厚辛つけ SOBA)  Dense Hot Spicy Soba - Regular · Large ¥1000 / special ¥1100 
· (特製つけ SOBA) Special Dipping Soba - Regular · Large ¥1250 / Special ¥1350

The waitress will start taking your order when you are the next 6 seats.  Your noodles will start be cooking prior you are seated as it usually takes a while for cooking.  The noodles come in few minutes while seated, I would recommend you to take few steps to enjoy this ramen. 

Step 1: smell the booth, which is so rich that the chicken soup taste will just run into your noses and toward your nerves.  Enjoy it for a minute with closed eyes, meditation with it.

Step 2: have a spoon of the chicken booth, slip it in first and your lips will be the first touching point, let the soup stay on your lips for a while, the creamy soup is so rich that will remain there for a while.

Step 3: Take a full spoon of soup and remain it inside your mouth, then swallow.

Step 4: try the noodle, of course, the Japanese way.  Make noise to be polite.

Step 5: try the chicken, which is so soft and just right cooked.

Step 6: now finally you can finish the bowl of soup and noodles in the way you like... but my advice is to take your time as this memorable time can pass quickly.

Kagari Ginza store
Geographical location: Ginza 4-4-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza A Building 1F

Opening Time:
Monday to Friday 11: 00 to 15: 30/17: 30 to 22: 30
Saturday and Public Holiday 11: 00 ~ 15: 30/17: 30 ~ 21: 00
Rest Day: Sunday 

Yurakucho Line Ginza 1 chome Station walk 5 mins
Hibiya line Ginza station - walk 3 minutes
Marunouchi line Ginza station - walk 3 minutes
Ginza Line Ginza Station - walk 3 minutes

Carrie Ho